League: 4th (+1,-1,+1,-1)
Goldenballs: KDB 

What a week! A week for the FPL annals as players went crazy with some mega hauls. The top manager this week got 223 points! 223 FPL points!! That’s more than most monthly hauls! Insane, absolutely insane!! My score of 146 would usually be an absolute world beater, but it was the average across all my leagues. When big hitters deliver it’s a god send when you own them, but for so many to deliver they get cancelled out, so unless you’re a complete moron or have been forced into taking huge risks you’d struggle not to come away with around 150 points.

The gameweek started with what seems like months ago now, with Chelsea winning the league (remember that?) with a drab 1-0 with no fantasy assets delivering anything in attack. The defence as always delivered points with Alonso (8pts) getting a solid return. Lukaku (2pts) surprisingly blanked against Watford at home, which you’d think would be his bread and butter. I’m sure a few managers thought this fixture would be worth keeping the big Belgian for.. they were wrong, very wrong.

Saturday was a little underwhelming with Southampton surrendering a clean sheet to Middlesbrough. Doubling up at the back meant a Southampton clean sheet would be gold dust, but they failed miserably in their first outing. Jesus delivered a welcome goal, but the big worry was KDB blanking. After bringing him in for Hazard I needed some returns, so a blank definitely cranked up the paranoia. Also bargain of the season Josh King (9pts) keeps banging in the goals. The man is unstoppable at the moment, I stubbornly resisted him until recently when I had to admit to myself that I was wrong. Lessons for next year, don’t be so stubborn! Players who get points continuously are actually good FPL assets Sam!!

Sunday passed with little incident, with the only real player being Spurs. Kane got his goal but 7pts was ok, he hadn’t hurt me too much (yet..). Rooney (6pts) wiped out the clean sheets so I was happy with the state of play after the first round of games.

Monday was a big kick in the balls though. 2 premium players dropped and not even given a cameo. I knew rotation would be an issue but I banked on players like Hazard (5pts) being the one to drop out. Thankfully he blanked anyway which made me feel a whole lot better, but another highly owned asset in Azpi (20pts) scored highly. Costa ended the GW on 2pts.. 2 fucking points…. as a key differential to players such as Kane, Vardy and co this was terrible. Although I did see one poor bastard triple captain him..

Tuesday was where he GW really took off. Jesus (19pts) and KDB (15pts) linked up twice to bet me some glorious points. Pretty sure I squealed like a little girl when KDB scored his goal, I couldn’t believe it! I was a genius, the best FPL manager since Mark Suthern (only FPL manager who’s name I remember). I was on top of the world!! That was until the 77th minute of the Arsenal match.. Sanchez (27pts) hit a late brace to obliterate any gains I made with KDB as captain. I own Sanchez, but with rivals captaining him, that late brace was a dagger to the heart.. lost 12 points on a captain that scored 15 points! Insane.. after triple captaining Sanchez last year when he scored 25 I should have seen it coming.. 27 points it huge, as captain that can make up huge ground and blow leagues wide open. No one could get more than 27 points surely…….

Wednesday happened, and predictably it was terrible but Yostephens (17pts) brought home the clean sheet I craved. And the make it better Gabiadinni (0pts) only went and missed a pen!!! Cementing his status as 16/17’s troll of the season. Tadic was bad but this guy has had an absolute mare since he return from injury.

Things were delicately poised between the Letdowns and GSL going into the final game. I had a small lead that should have been enough to make GW38 interesting.. but then Harry Kane happened.. 31pts…. 4 goals against a Leicester side that decided CB’s were a bad idea from the 60th min and surrendered any form of defensive shape. I was right to fear going without Kane, and I’ve been severely punished. His brace of soft goals in the dying minutes pretty much ended any hope of a top 3 finish.. (side note: after watching the first 10 mins, I put a silver lining bet on over 6.5 goals and won £170!!. So although my seasons fucked, I wildly celebrated that last goal!!)

I now sit 25 points behind, which I know is too much to recoup. Especially when I know the Letdowns will play tactically and try and cover me off. I also have no idea what to do with my transfer.. I feel I have to take a risk but doing that will mean getting rid of a premium asset…. think I’ll wait till Sunday and base it on the dream from the night before.. if not I’ll draft Jon Walters in to save my season…

With the financial aspect of FPL taken care of, it’s all about the glory now. And more importantly beating a close rival to no doubt throw him off his next few years in FPL!

Preview to follow!