I’m a terrible person, I know. I didn’t write a review of GW36 so I’ll summarise it here before talking about GW37: It went okay. Better than the majority in the league, but it meant that 4th place (GSL) caught me a number of points.

Now for GW37 where the fight for 3rd place swayed back and forth like a Conservative government led by Theresa May.

Points: 155
Position: 3rd (No change – OH YEAH)
Bellend of the week: Manolo Gabbiadini

Friday’s matches

Everton beat Watford 1-0 which meant that Tom Davies returned a solid 3 points. He actually was quite lively and was even described as “Everton’s best attacking threat” during a largely shit end of season match.

Chelsea beat West Brom by the same scoreline so Marcos Alonso got another clean sheet, his third in a row, 8 points. A solid start to the game week.

Saturday’s matches

Man City beat Leicester 2-1 and it was Jesus for City, which every other manager apart from myself had in their team so that wasn’t great. Leicester scored, but no it wasn’t Jamie Vardy… it was Okazaki for his first goal in a stupid amount of games. Brilliant. Vardy returning just 2 points. I also had Willy Caballero in the team so he never got a clean sheet, but did get a bonus point for amount of saves made, 3 points.

Bournemouth beat Burnley by the same score, 2-1. A scoreline which meant that Stephen Ward only returned 1 point, though Josh King did score for Bournemouth, 9 points, though everyone has him in their team now so it meant no gains were made. Arguably more importantly, especially at this time in the season, no losses were made either.

Middesbrough got beat 2-1 by Southampton, because they’re shit, which meant that Yoshida didn’t get any clean sheet points returning just 2 pointsManolo Gabbiadini wasn’t even in the team nor on the bench (WTF CLAUDE?) so returned 0 points in this match, along with Jack Stephens who was benched for the entire match.

Stoke got beat 4-1 by Arsenal which was a result all round for the Letdowns. Firstly, Arsenal conceding was massive as 4th place (GSL) had both Cech and Monreal. And my captain this week, Alexis Sanchez, got a goal and an assist, returning a second consecutive double figure score, 12 points (24 with the captaincy).

Sunday’s matches

Crystal Palace vs Hull was the early kick off, in a match where Hull needed to win so they didn’t get relegated. And that narrative made for an interesting match, especially if you’re a Palace fan as they won 4-0. Hull decided they didn’t fancy the Premier League after all. Oh and this result meant that my keeper, Eldin Jakupovic brought back 0 points… zero points. He faced 4 shots on target and they all went in. He didn’t make any saves. Brilliant. A well used bench boost in play!

Spurs beat Man Utd 2-1 with Harry Kane getting himself a goal, 6 points, and even Ben Davies getting an assist, 5 points. Considering that Spurs conceded, getting 11 points from this match was an incredible result! Especially in my fight for 3rd place as nobody in the league has Ben Davies (Which is insane) and also 4th place didn’t have Harry Kane. Which meant both my differentials scored points. At this time in the season, that is HUGE.

Monday’s match (Second round)

After securing the title in their last match against West Brom, Chelsea were at home to Watford and they won 4-3. Conte made a lot of changes to his starting line up which meant there was no place for Marcos Alonso or Diego Costa. Costa not playing was another huge result as it meant 4th place didn’t get any points from him. Eden Hazard played though and was largely useless. Chelsea scored 4 goals and he wasn’t involved in any. Brilliant. 3 points (5 points in total)

Tuesday’s match (Second round)

Arsenal beat Sunderland 2-0 and it was the main man, Alexis Sanchez, who got both goals! His third double figure return in three matches, 15 points (54 points in total). Gutted that Sunderland didn’t manage to score, but I really didn’t expect them too at all. What I’m confused about though is how Sanchez didn’t get all 3 bonus points? He scored both goals which usually guarantees maximum bonus points, but in this match it was Ozil. He only had one assist all match, he had zero shots (Arsenal had 36 in total) and also got a yellow card… yet he got all three bonus points? Why? If someone can explain to me why, then send us a tweet at @False9org.

Wednesday’s match

Southampton vs Man Utd predictably ended 0-0, which meant that Yoshida in his second match of the game week returned 7 points (9 in total)Jack Stephens returned to the starting line up for Southampton and brought another 8 points. There was another incident in this match but I’ll save that for a little later …

Thursday’s match

Leicester vs Spurs. The Letdown’s had relinquished 3rd place and now found themselves 6 points behind. And this was the final match of the game week. The match ended 6-1 to Spurs… Dele Alli got an assist, returning 7 points (9 in total), but everyone has him in their team so him getting points didn’t really matter. Ben Davies got a second assist during the game week and returned 6 points (11 in total). Jamie Vardy had a couple of chances but ultimately didn’t do anything again, 2 points (4 in total). And finally, we had Harry Kane. Chasing down the Golden Boot award for most goals over the season, he absolutely ran the show, smashing 4 goals, an assist and maximum bonus points to return an absolutely massive 16 points (31 in total). Harry Kane has almost single handedly both killed my season and saved it. From the period of time he was in the Letdown’s and he wasn’t scoring, through the time when he wasn’t in the Letdown’s and he was scoring… a lot, to now, where he is destroying teams and is a huge differential on everyone that doesn’t have him.

Bellend of the double gameweek

Fucking hell, Manolo Gabbiadini has been a massive dick. With Southampton struggling for goals and his return from injury, he seemed like an easy go to for a third striker. In the 7 matches Southampton have had since his return, he has added 11 points to the Letdowns. 11… When you consider that a player gets a minimum of 2 points for playing 60 minutes, that’s 3 points less than the minimum he should have got. What did he do this week I hear you ask? Fuck all. He didn’t play against Middlesbrough as Southampton won 2-1 (WTF CLAUDE?) but he did make his return against Man Utd… Where he missed a penalty after 6 minutes and returned 0 pointsManolo Gabbiadini, congratulations, you are the Bellend Of This Double Game Week! You’ve been an utter waste of a transfer and a space in the Letdowns. I hope you’re happy 🙂



I’m back in 3rd place with a lead of 25 points. That should be enough to keep me in the money positions in the league but I’m not taking any chances or getting ahead of myself. Anything can happen in FPL, as I know far too well this season. So I’m hoping that the Letdown’s can hold onto 3rd and potentially get Manager of the Month as well as I’m currently joint top. I think on a deeper level though I’m more scared that it’s another season coming to an end and we’ll have to wait till August for more FPL… Till August! Fuck that’s a long time away.