Captain: Kevin De Bruyne

This is the week! The week that all FPL managers (who care) have been preparing for for weeks. All the big hitters have doubles and very good doubles at that! Chips a plenty will be in use this GW and most will be looking for huge hauls. Realistically all managers will be disappointing with anything less than three figures. My wildcard served me wonderfully in GW36 (GSL – GW36 Review) and I’m hoping it’s set me up for a great GW37. Spurs’ slip up last week has disrupted my plans, as my Chelsea contingent are now all rotation risks.. Thanks Poch! So I’ve taken a calculated risk..

With a bench boost in play, I have the full 15 out this week! In goal I have the two stand out GK’s this week in Cech and Caballero. If anyone says otherwise, they’re an idiot. Cech has 30pts in his last 5 with Stoke and Sunderland. Cabs has 2 home games, playing for a surprisingly solid City team and is a bargain at 4.8m! Very confident of points from these two!

Marcos Alonso is one of the Chelsea players that I’m hoping steers clear of rotation. Not many of the Chelsea squad can cover that LWB position, and the man is bang in form. He’s been a stalwart of GSL from GW11 and even if he does get rested he still has it in him to bring home a serious haul. YoStephens have a great chance of points against Boro and United. Southampton are shocking at the moment, they look devoid of any confidence upfront, but still have a solid back line. Boro and United have zero motivation to do anything in the league now, so hoping for some wonderful boring goalless games. Monreal can continue delivering the goods with plum fixtures and a seemingly nailed on spot in the defence. He may even get a chance at LWB if Koscielny’s return pushes Gibbs off the pitch. He’s a premium defender that few have brought into their teams, so I’m hoping he can be a key differential in the run in. I brought in Robert Huth this week, somewhat prematurely as he is now a doubt.. Whoops… My thinking was could easily pop up with a goal and maybe nick a clean sheet against Spurs.. But now looks like he’s gonna miss at least one of those games. Tempted to take a hit for a replacement, but there’s not really anyone worth it in his price bracket.

Overall, very happy the back line! Lots of potential for clean sheets. Defenders have been the key beneficiaries of the DGWs so far this season, so I’m hoping for big things. Prediction: 40

Alli keeps his place as my only Spurs cover. It’ll be interesting to see how they play out the rest of the season. If last season is anything to go by (Toon 5 – 1!!) then there is a big argument to steer clear. As a non Kane owner I’m not brave enough to go without Spurs cover, so Alli remains and hopefully grabs a few points. Especially against United, as Spurs’ wave goodbye to White Hart Lane. Marc Albrighton is in his own words ‘the form of his life’, with a few goals and assists in recent weeks. He’s always a threat with the set pieces so I’m hoping some output here. Josh King is my only non DGW player this week, but does have a plum fixture against Burnley at home. Both teams are safe from relegation and will hopefully let loose with a goal fest. After resisting King for so long, he’s a no brainer now, so cheap, out of position and in form. I’m stubborn but I’m not an idiot.. Now for the big guns! Sanchez looked livelier last time out, and has some top fixtures. He could tear Sunderland a new one, and bring back a monster haul. Stoke have a way of nullifying Arsenal so he might struggle there, but I expect doubles figures at least over the two fixtures. Finally my big move this week.. with much trepidation I dropped Hazard for KDB. Hazard was a potential captain choice up until the threat of rotation loomed large. Hazard is a player that needs some form of intensity to play at 100%, he looked very relaxed against Boro and subsequently blanked. Even if he does play 180 minutes across the next two games, he’s lost the killer instinct to really take it to teams. (Guarantee these words will come back to bite me in the arse..) So I’ve taken the calculated risk and brought in KDB. Yes, he’s only done it in a few games recently, but the guy has explosive hauls in him and City are in very strong form with the motivation to keep pressing to secure top 4. I’m also very aware of his low ownership and feel If I’m to really make some gains I have to take a risk like this. It could be a terrible decision, but I was playing for fun a few weeks back, so any podium place is a bonus now.. (Lies.. I really really want to get on the podium, and I will cry for a week if Hazard scores a hatrick and KDB blanks..)

This midfield must have a few big hauls in it, this is where I expect the bulk of my points to come from. KDB could be a masterstroke or I could watch Hazard burn my FPL season to the ground.. Prediction: 50

Upfront Jesus is another that could deliver some huge hauls over his two games. Aguero may reappear, but Pep loves Jesus and will surely find a place for him in the team. Backing City seems the safe way to go this GW as they are one of few with something to play for and the form to back it up. A few big results and this could be a very lucrative GW. Costa keeps his place, as I’m hoping Batshuayi’s omission from the bench against Boro was a sign of Conte’s lack of trust. I don’t see Costa starting both games but I see him getting goals regardless. He’s been the bane of my season so many times, but he’s my player now and a differential at that, hoping for a masterclass tonight. Rapping up GW37 is the man, the myhth, the legend.. Victor Anichebe. Just imagine if this is the man that wins you your mini league. You’d be telling your grandchildren of that fateful 2016/2017 FPL season climax where Big Vic’s unexpected brace was the difference when claiming mini league glory! You’ve commissioned a statue, got the tatoo, named your 17/18 in honour of the big man.. Aaaah, oh to dream.. In reality he’ll get 4 points, but at 4.3m who cares!!

I feel very confident on Jesus and Costa to bring back at least one goal over the 2 games. I’m happy with Vic just playing 60mins in both games, anything else is abonus. Predicition: 20


Going all in on KDB and giving him the armband as well. My head is saying Sanchez but too late, balls out the bath on this one!

I’m feel far too giddy for this gameweek, football every day until next Thursday!! YES!! I’ve set my expectation far too high so anything less will be a huge disappointment. But that’s what FPL is all about, only a few more weekends of pain to go!!

Good luck to all!! (Minus the Letdowns, they can fuck off)