Points: 100 (Predicted 100!!, I AM THE BEST)
League: 4th (+1)
Goldenballs: Peter Cech 

What a week!! Get in!! The first tonne of the year, 100 points on the nose. The wildcard delivers instantly and sets my team up for a big GW37. Gambling big on the Arsenal back line delivered wonderfully as very few took the risk in my mini league. Gained a place in the cash league and halved my overall ranking from 250k to 125k, Keeemon!!!

It started with Spurs’ drab performance at West Ham. Not going for Kane (2pts) made my stomach turn, so to see him blank, as well as all the other spurs assets was a big big relief. Even though I own Alli (2pts) I would have bitten your hands off for a that result.

City took palace apart 5-0 in the early kick off. Bit disappointing that Jesus (5pts) didn’t contribute more, but 5 points is better than nothing. It was also a bit disappointing to see all my rivals had got him in as well. Even at just under 5% ownership as of the last GW he appeared to be everywhere. He’s sure to be in everyone’s teams going forward.

The 3 O’clocks were very underwhelming.. My hopes were pinned on big Harry Maguire (1pt) getting a seemingly nailed on clean sheet against Sunderland. Out of nowhere, Marcos Silva loses his 4 year unbeaten home streak to a relegated Sunderland team.. Where the fuck did that come from?? Big Harry has been immense for me recently, but this was a huge kick in the balls. A sad way to end his GSL career. Josh King (5pts) was the other player partaking in the 3pm games, and kept up his good form with an assist. He’s punished me too many times this year that it’s quite nice to celebrate Josh King‘s output. I also has Marc Albrighton (8pts) warming the bench in preparation for GW37, thankfully no one else owns him so it wasn’t too painful.

The late kick off was a non entity to me, although it was nice to see Lukaku (2pts) blank as expected, and Siggy (3pts) stay away from any points. Llorente (8pts) looks like he could be a strong differential for the run in, given Swansea’s motivation and fixtures. However they don’t have a double, so he got nowhere near my wildcard team.

Sunday was where the real fun started. Saints keep an unexpected clean sheet, giving Stephens a welcome clean sheet. I did have Yoshida warming the bench with 6 points, but I felt doubling up on the saints back line was a bad idea… And went for Maguire instead.. Then Arsenal delivered a much needed clean sheet! Doubling up on the back line was a big risk so I was jumping for joy as United’s inept attack failed to score.

Monday nights game was the one I was really looking forward to. I have Alonso, Costa and Hazard so I knew I could only gain in this game. And Alonso (14pts) made sure of that! The stand out FPL defender of the season delivers again! What a player, FPL Gold! Hazard (3pts) had a quite game but is still a constant threat and even though there is a threat of rotation, you’d be mad to go without him. Costa (6pts) got his standard goal and added a solid 6 points to my mega haul. Finishing the standard GW with 63 points, not bad!

GSL was highly represented in the only double of the GW with 4 players including the captain going for points. Stephens (8pts) added a solitary to his tally, but it was the Arsenal players who shone. Cech (16pts) and Monreal (12pts) were the real heroes this GW. 28 points from 2 relatively low owned players was the difference between a solid week and a great week. Cech is delivering some real points in the run in and is really benefiting from the new shape, earning him the prestigious GoldenBalls award on his debut. Congrats Petr, the trophy is in the post!! Sanchez (14pts) getting his goal was welcome as well but due to his high ownership and a few TC chips knocking about my celebrations were tempered.

56 points from my Arsenal contingent was huge for my GW and maybe for my season. Only 16 points behind a podium spot with an almost full squad of DGWers!! Very excited for the run in! Even my bench this week performed with 22 points!! Bodes well for bench boost in 37!

Preview to follow!