Points: 38
League: 5th (-2..)
Goldenballs: Harry Maguire
(For Being there for me on a troubled Saturday..)

Well, well, well.. April was looking like the month from heaven, making huge gains on my mini league and getting some crazy luck a long the way. Then GW35 happened.. What a shitter.. So many blanks and no big hitters left me with a poultry 38 points, when rivals got over 70.. Absolute nightmare..

It all started on the dullest day in prem history. Dull and depressing.. It looked good at 80 mins, with a few clean sheets coming in, however Josh Kings (11pts) last min goal was the first of the kicks in the teeth. Pickford (3pts) clean sheet gone and a highly owned player gets the goal.. How can it get any worse? 90th min pen! Shit, what about my Harry Maguire (5pts) clean sheet?? Oh wait, Tadic (1pt) is stepping up! Yes!! Big differential finally coming in with some points, maybe all 3 bonus points! Dreamland!! Oh, what? He’s missed………………….. What? For.Fuck.Sake.. So with King‘s goal I was looking at about 20 points lost in the final few mins.. But hey, it’s unlucky, I have time to get back into this week. Palace are in the late kick off and against Burnley, Benteke (1pt) and Zaha (1pt) will at least grab one goal between them.. WRONG!! They don’t turn up and both got booked ruining Burnley’s constancy on the road. And to make it even more humiliating, Heaton (7pts) was sat on the bench for his final GSL GW with 7 points.. Saturday was well and truly shit, an absolute dogshit day of FPL.

So to Sunday! How can it get any worse! A few big hitters to play including the captain, feeling good! The first game started with some good fortune with Valencia (2pts) making his way off the bench early on to be in with a shout of a clean sheet. It was looking rosy until Siggy (10pts) stepped up, who is surprisingly still highly owned! Also highly owned Bailly (6pts) got subbed on the 61st min to take home his clean sheet.. just bullshit. All my hopes came down to Lukaku (2pts), I should have known he was going to blank as he always bottles it against the big teams. But I had a good feeling about it, old club, golden boot, will want to put himself in the shop window.. WRONG! 2 points.. Fuck.. Hazard (5pts) picked up an assist but everyone owns him so that was no solace. I had Stones to play and pick up a seemingly certain clean sheet against Boro, WRONG! Didn’t even make the squad! Bullshit. The North London derby was always going to disappoint with my lack of spurs cover, but Alli (8pts) did pick up a goal, but again everyone has him so who cares. Sanchez (2pts) on the other hand is somewhat of a differential now, so his inept performance smarted. If he didn’t have 4 games over the next 2 GW he’d be gone. But the fear factor of not owning him is binding him to GSL until the end.

Monday had nothing to offer me, but a small ray of light was Coutinho leaving the field early and denying teams around me points. Celebrating injuries is a dick move, but FPL makes monsters of people.

After weeks of making gains, I’ve thrown them all away.. 25 points in it to get back on the podium. But there is hope on the horizon, the Wildcard has been activated for GW36 and I’m already on iteration 10,203.. The strong feeling of anger still resides from this GW, so I’m trying my best to not let it cloud my judgment.  Preview to follow!

Pray for Inspiratoin