Points: 67
League: 3rd (+2!!)
Goldenballs: Christian Benteke

Benteke you absolute hero. So much so, I don’t care I’ve referenced a terrible Take That song in the title! Giving him the armband was probably the best move I’ve made all year. Other managers fell over themselves, taking hits, getting in the likes of Rashford (3pts) and Negredo (4pts) (Someone even got in Adam Clayton (5pts)..) I happily stayed firm with my team following Ibra‘s last min injury. And started the GW already 8 points clear of my closest rivals.

The Saturday 3 o’clocks were never going to mean huge FPL points (Unless you heavily backed Bournemouth). But Harry Maguire‘s heroic performance for 10 man Hull brought a wondrous 9 point haul. Lukaku (2pts) blanked as expected, he is like clockwork, you can pinpoint his points before a GW starts. Home = Lots of Points, Away = No points, Big Team = Max of 6 points. His blank was welcomed as other managers chose to captain the single gameweek Belgian.. Investment in Boro assets looked a terrible idea after their mauling by Bournmouth, with Gibson returning a poultry 0 points.. But seen as though everyone has some Boro cover it was easy to accept.

Sunday starting with celebration as popular captain Rashford started on the bench. Valencia (6pts) wasn’t in the squad, but this was no suprise so I focused on the positive. The game went by without incident and set up the main event. Benteke’s (28pts) brace against Liverpool! I was the only contender in the mini league to  own the big Belgian, never mind captain him. His haul gave me a huge push up the league and got me on the podium for the first time this season. I even took over a certain False9 contributor, who has to be kept away from tall buildings and bridges for the forseeable future.. Benteke has great form and has a plum fixture coming up next so there is a small part of me that want’s to trust him with armband once again. I left the weekend on cloud 9 and full of optimism for a great GW.

Tuesday’s game definitely could have gone better.. Hazard (9pts) and Costa (16pts) ran riot and brought home a hatful, which doesn’t hurt me too much in the mini league, but their high ownership kills me in my overall rank. Alosno (5pts) did pick up a handy assist though, maintaining his place as a FPL essential. Hazard is the main worry for me, he is bang in form and has tasty fixtures so he’s top of the list for recruits.

Wednesday was, well.. very very dull. 3 1-0’s.. Son (1pt) benched, Sanchez (2pts) and Alli (3pts) blank.. Not good. Benteke and Zaha (3pts) were expected to struggle here so they can be forgiven. Zaha‘s overall GW output was disappointing, but as he was highly owned in my mini league I didn’t care too much. Kane (5pts) getting an assist was a pain, but if you’d have offered me 5 points from the most dangerous FPL asset in the game at present, I’d have bitten your hand off.

Thursday game worked out perfectly for me. Watching a football match and hoping for a 0-0 is not a fun experience. But Jose works his magic again and drags United to yet another draw. Valenica (6pts) picks up the clean sheet and Augero (2pts) and Rashford go home empty handed.

Although others caught up during the week, the steady trickle of points kept my green arrow and more importantly 3rd place in my mini league. From over 100 point behind, the FPL gods have started to smile on me, and with my Wildcard burning a hole in my pocket I’m very excited for the GW’s to come!

Preview to follow.