Double game week! Time to get excited right? Wrong. Who are the teams playing twice? Crystal Palace, Man United and Middlesbrough… is that it? Okay, but who are they playing? Palace play Liverpool and Spurs, Man United play Burnley and Man City, and Middlesbrough against Bournemouth and Sunderland. Boro have the best fixtures but they’re shit so… it’s an interesting week!

First, I’ll quickly go over what happened in GW33 (I’ve been super busy being on holiday and having job interviews, forgive me!!). Basically, I had a decent week. I got 51 points which saw me close 18 points on 2nd place and pull a further 8 points on 4th place. Decent. Oh and I’m now less than 100 points behind 1st place!! No no no no no. 1st place is out of my reach now. STOP THINKING OF WINNING THE LEAGUE!

Right, that sums that up. On to GW34…

The Defence

Marcos Alonso stays put and is at home to Southampton. He did get a knock last week, which screwed over everyone bar GSL (Who is getting all the luck atm), but he’s recovered. Chelsea have an FA Cup game against Spurs first, so if he comes through that 100% then he’ll probably play against Southampton in the Premier League.

Ben Davies is still around as well. Though I’m scared that he’ll get rotated given that Spurs play Chelsea in the FA Cup and are then away at Crystal Palace. I have plans in place for when the inevitable happens mind.

My Boro player, Fabio, got injured last Game Week… excellent. Our best player against Arsenal for the 17 minutes he was on the pitch, he then gets injured. It isn’t seriously, so hopefully he’ll be back for his double game week but with George Friend returning from injury, I’m skeptical of his presence in the Boro first 11.

Right, and now on to the REALLY shit part of this week. I brought in Victor Valdes instead of Ben Foster. What happens? He gets injured… are you fucking kidding me!? There was no mention of it anywhere but he wasn’t selected against Arsenal and suddenly he was injured until the 26th of April. Fuck off FPL. Honestly FUCK OFF. This is the 3rd time it’s happened in the last month! THE 3RD TIME!!! So, instead of Valdes playing, I’m having to take a punt on Eldin Jakupovic who is at home to Watford. I have zero faith in that.

This should have been 6 games from 4 players… but instead it’s 5 games from 4 players. Hull do have a chance of a clean sheet to be fair, Boro probably won’t get a clean sheet in their two games as they need to win which always exposes how terrible the defence actually is. Spurs have a London derby so that’s not likely. And Chelsea can’t keep a clean sheet at all… I honestly have no prediction at all about how it’s going to go down so I’m not going to give a prediction. Fuck it, I don’t have to anyway!

The Midfield

Alexis Sanchez finally returned some points in GW33 as he scored against Middlesbrough. Hopefully, he keeps that going in his GW34 match at home to Leicester.

Dele Alli is away at Crystal Palace which will be a tight match. Palace are better and more organised so will look to blunt the Spurs attack and hit them on the counter. It’ll be an interesting match this one.

Wilfred Zaha is my final double game asset but he’s away at Liverpool and at home to Spurs… not great fixtures at all but it’s still 4 points as a minimum if he plays both games. I’m not entirely confident he’ll get anything else mind.

And finally, I got rid of Glyfi Sigurdsson who is awful now and replaced him with Eden Hazard. Someone who plays in the FA Cup prior to playing their next Premier League match.. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG!? Spurs are closing in on Chelsea at the top of the league so they really need to start picking up points again and I’m hoping Hazard will be the key player for that.

The midfield is more promising than the defence… but I have Zaha who has two tough matches, Sanchez in an Arsenal team woefully out of form, Alli involved in a London derby and Hazard in a stuttering Chelsea team. On paper my midfield is unreal, but a decent FPL team that does not make.

The Strikers

Harry Kane finally delivered whilst in the Letdowns! Get in. He scored and assisted a goal as Spurs smashed Bournemouth 4-0. With an injury to Zlatan and Aguero under pressure from a returning Jesus, other managers will start bringing in Kane, so I have to pray that I get maximum returns whilst he’s a differential. He’s away at Crystal Palace, which will be tough but usually the type of game Kane performs in.

Gabbiadini made his return from injury in GW33! He didn’t scored or have a shot but at least he played. He’s away at Chelsea this week, which doesn’t bode well but if Southampton score, it’ll be him. Hopefully… unless Shane Long starts.

And finally, Romelu Lukaku. He’s away at West Ham this week who are very shaky at the back. They are full of injuries across the team and I’m hopeful that Everton / Lukaku destroy them.

Tricky fixtures but all three strikers have the potential to score. Gabbiadini has just returned from injury but has an extra few days rest, Lukaku doesn’t have any FA Cup matches to worry about, but Kane does… (I’ll explain more about this in the Captain section). I can see at least a goal here somewhere, but for who I don’t know.


This is a hard decision. Do I go with a player who has a FA Cup game first and pray that they don’t get injured? Do I go with a double game player? Or do I go with a player who I don’t have to worry about? HazardAlliSanchez and Kane all play in the FA Cup this week before having a mid week fixture. Zaha plays for Palace… and has very tough fixtures. And Lukaku is away from home, where he doesn’t usually perform as well.

Given the luck that I have had this year, I’m punting for Lukaku. I don’t have to worry about him getting injured, he’ll not be rotated and I’ll get the points on the board earlier than managers who have gone for anyone else. That either leaves the door open for them to catch up to me in 3rd or pushes me further up the table and puts pressure on their chosen Captain to perform. Either way, I can’t risk a player not getting injured, it’s happened all too often this year.

After such a good week in GW33 (Again, apologies that I missed my write up) it’ll just be the way of it if I have a terrible GW34 and it all goes to shit. Maybe I should try a bit of reverse psychology and actually pray for a shit week… what harm could it do!

So here’s to a terrible week and to Bournemouth destroying Middlesbrough and finally getting us relegated.

Chin chin.