Outlook: 64
Captain: Christian Benteke 

The doubles this week have us FPL managers in a frenzy, desperately trying to figure out the optimum line up to best utilise the first of the doubles in the run in. The doubles are where us serious FPL managers break away from the casual players who’ve fluked their way to the top of the mini leagues. I’ve had some more luck this week with injuries hampering the likes of Zlatan and Valdes, 2 players I’ve been close to getting.. and I’m happy with the squad I’ve got going into 34! Hopefully I can continue my hot streak and gain again on the leaders!

In goal, Pickford gets the nod ahead of the game for the wooden spoon with north east rivals Boro. Both teams are shocking in front of goal, and each set of players will know that a loss means certain relegation so this will be an edgey game, and very likely to be a 0-0. Alonso will surely return from ‘illness’ to play Southampton at home. Chelsea are on a bit of a wobble at the moment, but they have favourable fixtures and probably the scariest manager in the prem so I can’t see this poor form lasting long. The Saints played ok against City, but ultimately lacked bite upfront so there’s a good chance of a clean sheet here. Harry Maguire comes into the starting 11 after his heroics off the bench last week. Hull are a different beast at home and will look at Watford as a great opportunity to gain some more vital points. Maguire has 2 goals in his last 3 games and a huge differential for my team, so I’m hoping he can get some returns at either end of the pitch. Valencia is one of my 4 DGW assets this week, he’s probably the one I’m least confident about getting 180 minutes after playing in the europa. But regardless he should get some game time and is a points threat at both ends of the pitch. Burnley away and City away done scream points, but I wanted united cover for the doubles and with Ibra now out he’s oddly the biggest name.. Baines left GSL this week, after a largely frustrating stint picking up nothing more than the odd 6 points. Ben Gibson comes in to replace him with a double this week and a guaranteed 180 points. Bournemouth away doesn’t bode well for points, but Sunderland at home looks good for a clean sheet.

The defence looks pretty good, realistically I’m looking at 6 90 mins out of this back 5. And there’s plenty of chances for clean sheets, so I’m feeling optimistic. Prediction: 24

Son and Alli team up again to try outscore Harry Kane when they face palace. Alli is a must for every team, but I’m unsure how long Son can keep up his glorious form with 42 points in his last 4! Kane will become essential around the doubles however I’m willing to take the risk for now and back the Korean Prince. The FA cup this weekend may see some rotation for the midweek league game, and I see Son potentially rested but I have Tadic on the bench to come in and ease the pain. Sanchez welcomes Leicester to the Emerites. The foxes have little to play for now and will hopefully fall into obscurity as Arsenal find some of their usual end of season form to secure a top 4 member place.. it’s a long shot but they can’t play much worse then they currently are. Sanchez is always a threat, wether he is 11.5m worth of threat is a different question, but he’s a must for 36/37 coming up so he’s staying for the season. Zaha is a DGW asset I have high hopes for. Palace enjoy a late night game against a big club. So although Liverpool and Spurs looks terrible fixtures on paper, I see Palace scoring in both. Townsend is a great differential for other teams and I’m a little jealous, but having plumped for Zaha a few weeks back it makes no sense to change now.

Should have 5 games out of the 4 man midfield, with a lot depending on that Palace v Spurs game mid next week. If there a goals there I should be laughing! (As long as they’re not all from Kane..) Prediction: 26

Upfront I was planning on naming Ibra up top, saying a risky goodbye to Lukaku. However after last nights injury I’m happy to stick with the Belgian for the time being. He is away from home against West Ham, which traditionally means an outside chance at 6 points with the large majority of his points coming at Goodison Park. West Ham are pretty leaky at home, conceding 11 in their last 5. So there is hope that Lukaku can buck the trend and get a hatful. GSL is sporting an all Belgian front line this week with Benteke brought back in last week. Benteke is similar to Lukaku is a number of ways, however Romelu has brought consistency to his FPL output. Tekkers has a lot of shots, plays well, but has yet to consistently bring home points. Saying this, he has decent form and more importantly a double GW. As I said before I see Palace getting goals on their tough fixtures and I see Benteke getting at least one.

Getting 3 90 mins out of my front 2, hopefully a couple of goals here. Benteke is the real differential, and will need to outscore the likes of Rashford and Negredo to be considered a success. Prediction: 14

You have to go with a DGW asset this week. So really it’s between Zaha and Benteke.. neither scream a big haul but I’m gonna back the big Belgian to deliver.

Overall a prediction of 64. With the potential for an extra 4 outings for my team this should be doable. I’m predicting a few teams will take hits this week to jump on the DGW and also fix the Ibra problem. So a strong gameweek here will be very good for my run in!

Pray for points