Christ is it FPL weekend again? None of the usual talk today, let’s just get straight into it shall we?

The Defence

Eldin Jakupovic returns in goal after he outscored Ben Foster last week regardless of going up against Man City… This week he’s away at Stoke who hopefully will be on holiday reading … actually, I’ve been to Stoke, nobody reads books there, they’re all too hard.

Marcos Alonso keeps his place in the team after his goal scoring return in GW32. He’s away at Man United this week and it’s not a fixture I am expecting any points. It won’t be too bad though as most teams in the league have a Chelsea defender.

Ben Davies is probably my only hope for a clean sheet this week as he’s at home to Bournemouth. With news that Danny Rose is now doing “outdoor training”, he’s selection in the Spurs team might be at risk. He’s certainly someone I need to keep an eye on.

And finally, we have Ryan Bertrand at home to Man City. Not much to say here really. He won’t get a clean sheet and given the attacking threat (The reason I brought him into the team) is virtually none existent at the moment, I don’t see any points from him.

My defence will struggle this week. There won’t be 4 clean sheets like there was in GW32. I’ll be lucky to get 1. Though given I have 3 attacking fullbacks/wingbacks, I’m hopeful of some return there. 

The Midfield

Glyfi Sigurdsson is only still in the team because I think Swansea will finally deliver something away at Watford. Llorente should be back from injury now, which means Siggy will be popping balls into the box at any given moment. Given that Swansea only have 6 games left, it might not be a bad idea to look at alternatives who have 7 / 8 games left to try and maximise the points returns…

Dele Alli obviously. Need I say more? At home to Bournemouth who are awful at keeping clean sheets. Potentially a few goals here.

Alexis Sanchez … he needs to start turning up soon. He has two double game weeks in a row coming up which is the only reason he’s in the team at the minute. Without those, I would have transferred him out already. I’m counting on him to come alive against a Championship Middlesbrough.

And finally, we have one of two transfers this week, Wilfred Zaha. Brought in because Palace have a double game week coming up, but also because this week he’s at home to Leicester. A fixture that Palace will certainly try and profit from, especially as Shakespeare will likely rest his main players to focus on the 2nd leg of the Champions League.

The fixtures are very good for the midfield. Alli could score  / assist a couple against Bournemouth, Sigurdsson could supply the ammunition for Swansea, Zaha could tear Leicester apart, and Sanchez could finally come alive against a Middlesbrough team that do not perform well against quick, strong, tricky players. I’m hopeful.

The Strikers

Gabbiadini … the worst transfer of the season. One that proves to all FPL managers, do not believe anything you read in the media. None of it. It’s all lies. He’s down to being just 25% doubtful to play against Man City this week so hopefully he makes an appearance from the start.

Romelu Lukaku, the big man himself, is at home to Burnley this week. Given their terrible away form and how Lukaku generally performs at home against shit teams, this could be a massive return. I need this to be a double figure points haul to make up ground against teams that don’t have him.

He’s back, the player who had a huge part in fucking me over this season, Harry Kane. Remember that time when I had him in the team and he couldn’t score for toffee? And then when I got rid of him he went on a ridiculous scoring spree? Wellllll he’s back from injury now and I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again. He looked very sharp against Watford when he came on and I’m hoping that no one else in the league brings him in so I can capitalise on any points he gets against Bournemouth.

2 very nice fixtures for Kane and Lukaku which I need points from. All the other big hitters (Ibra, Aguero, Vardy, Costa) either have tricky games or potentially will be dropped to the bench for a rest. A couple of goals will do very nicely. 

The Captain

I was tempted by Harry Kane actually to profit even more from any points, but that’s a risk I can’t really afford whilst I try and cling onto 3rd place. So it’s the big man, Romelu Lukaku. His very impressive home form turned it in his favour and given he’s playing Burnley… it’s a no brainer.

I’ll be able to tell how this Game week is going to go by the early fixture. Spurs start at 12:30pm… if it’s points galore then excellent. If I get nothing back, then fuck. I’ve probably lost 3rd place. This week is going to be interesting to say the least.