Points: 89  (Predicted 55)
League: 5th 
Goldenballs: The Korean Prince

What a week! My best GW this season comes at a wonderful time as my optimism waned and head started to drop, but now, I’m GOING TO WIN THE THING!! I’m going to overturn that 140 point gap and storm to the title!! Well maybe not, but still an 89 point GW is always good news! I top scored in multiple leagues and jumped a massive 110,000 places in the overall rankings. The only small downside was the sheer amount of points on offer. Pretty much all the big guns delivered points, minus Sanchez.. So even though I owned the big differentials like Son, Tadic and Zaha my gains were quite small.


I have to start with the Korean Prince! Heung-Min Son (19pts) was the jewel in the crown this week with a rampant display of finishing and all round greatness. I must admit if it wasn’t for a price rise for Alli (8pts) he would have made way over Siggy (2pts) last week, but FPL works in mysterious ways and it looks like the gods have finally started to smile on my season. Son‘s massive 19 point haul kicked off the GW with great aplomb. Alli‘s wonderstrike was also very welcome as he held the armband. I was sitting pretty on 35 points before the 3pm’s even started. Dreamland!

The 3 o’clocks were less profitable however a few players managed to chip in. Sir Tom (7pts) did what he does best and steadily makes his way to the points. He is the top scoring goalkeeper by a solid 15 points now! He really is the full package and deserves a place in FPL royalty for his stellar performances this year. Tadic (6pts) finally brought back some returns with an assist! He’s been a failed experiment so far, and the fixtures look terrible so he’s not got many more blanks before he runs out of lives.

The late kick off looked like Chelsea would once again make me rue a lack of investment, until big Marcy Marc (8pts) rocked up with his 5th goal of the season. I know a few managers have been questioning owning the Spaniard with Chelsea almost there and the potential rotation, but even though he’s a bit of a wet player he gets so many chances in that Chelsea team. And now he has a great claim to take more free kicks making him a nightmare for non owners.

Sunday’s late game saw my 2 strikers go head to head so I was praying for a goal fest. And my prayers were answered! Lukaku (13pts) smashed home another brace and Jamie Vardy (5pts) brought home an assist. Couldn’t have wished for much more from that match! I’ve been planning on trading one of the two for either Zlatan (12pts) or Kane (1pt) in the coming weeks however their form is just too good at the moment. Granted Lukaku can be frustrating, but not owning him when he plays at home against poor opposition is probably the scariest thought in FPL at the moment. Burnley (H) next!!!

We then move to the Monday night game where Sanchez (2pts) and Zaha (11pts) went head to head. The safe money would be on the Chilean to deliver the goods, however it was big Wilf who came good! Great for my team as he’s a much bigger differential! His fixtures are terrible with Liverpool, Spurs and City in the next 5 however he’s picked up 11 points in both his last 2 games against Arsenal and Chelsea! He looks to gaining some consistency to his play and could be a real asset in the run in!


As already mentioned Sanchez (2pts) was a big disappointment. He’s blanked in 3 consecutive matches, and although looking lively against palace he’s a part of an Arsenal team devoid of confidence. My hope is a few managers lose faith because Sanchez as a differential would be amazing. The fixtures are still good, and Arsenal have a real challenge on to qualify for the top 4 now so will be looking to play at 100% of the run in. He’s too good a footballer to lose his edge, so I’m backing the Chilean to come back in style.

Baines (0pts) brought home a woeful 2 points after Valencia‘s no show for united. Another player to pick up a last minute injury denying me of any points from the plum fixtures against Sunderland. Baines looks to have lost his edge going forward and relies on the clean sheets at the back now. Burnley at home next game is a great chance to get back to those 6 point hauls.

The biggest disappointment this week was the last minute Hull goal that denied Stones (2pts) a clean sheet and a shout of the bonus points. Handing Augero (9pts) the full 3.. He’s a risky choice anyway with Pep’s lack of loyalty to a defensive pair however he was minutes away from a 9 point haul.. only to come home with 2.. Just a small blotch on an otherwise joyous weekend of FPL.

Overall a great GW for me, even if my rivals also did well the big haul is very welcome! Only 6 gameweeks to go now, only 32 points from a podium finish, very doable!

Preview to follow!