FPL is killing me this year. I’m not the same person anymore. I’m more depressed than ever. I’m gaining weight. My relationship is in tatters. My dogs are now more loyal to my neighbour. 2017 is the worst. (Disclaimer: Some of those statements are not true and were intended for comedic effect only. It’s just FPL after all).

The Letdown’s has very good fixtures this week. The highest ranked opponents are West Brom in 8th place. Not that it matters. Logic has dictated everything I’ve done so far this year and it’s come back to kick me in the dick every time.

The Defence

Changing my goal keeper this week and trying Ben Foster again. They’re at home to Southampton, who can be very hit or miss at the moment. My alternative is Eldin Jakupovic who is away at Man City… apart from potential save points he SURELY won’t get a clean sheet there!1!? It has to be Ben Foster this week in goal.

Next, we have Marcos Alonso away at Bournemouth. Probably not one for a clean sheet given the way Chelsea are defending at the moment but certainly one for potential attacking returns. He needs to start picking up points soon or I’ll be looking at alternative Chelsea options.

Ben Davies stays in the team after his miserable debut away at Swansea last week in GW31. He’s at home to Watford, who are properly shit (That’s saying something from a Boro fan), I honestly don’t know how they haven’t been sucked into a relegation scrap.

And next, I’m taking a risk that Ryan Bertrand is back from his mysterious fucking injury that plagued him in GW31. I’ve even gone so far as to check the Southampton Fan Forums to find out any news on him and even the fans have no idea what happened. Hopefully he’s back this week as Southampton take on West Brom at the Hawthorns.

The fixtures are nice this week. Certainly there is potential for clean sheets and potentially some attacking return (I have 3 very good attacking wing backs in my team for Christ sake!!!). I’m not going to over stretch my prediction so I’ll just stick with 16 points.

The Midfield

Manuel Lanzini keeps his place in the team in hope that his very under rated home form continues. He’s got double figure scores in his last 3 home games against Leicester, Chelsea and West Brom. He’s up against Swansea this week who have hit a brick wall under Paul Clement and seemed destined for the Championship.

Next up is Swansea’s only decent player, Glyfi Sigurdsson. Though after an incredible 7 game week streak of returning either a goal or an assist, it’s all dried up. Returning just 7 points over the last 3 games and that included Bournemouth and Middlesbrough. He needs to start scoring again soon.

Alexis Sanchez is away at Selhurst Park this week as Arsenal travel across London to face Crystal Palace. After his awful performance against West Ham, he really needs to pick up some points to make his value worthwhile. He has some very decent double game week fixtures coming up soon, which is why he’s there in the first place, but he has to deliver in the mean time.

Finally we have the big man himself, Dele Alli (Check out that cheeky Myspace photo, what a gangster). Possibly the most in form player in the Premier League at the moment, I’m banking on Alli to do the damage at home to Watford this week. His points returns are very impressive, however, he usually gets double figure scores when playing away from home. He has 4 double figures scores when playing away compared to only 2 at home, which probably lends itself to teams defending deep. Still, he often returns points regardless and hopefully that continues.

There is potential for goals here. I really need Lanzini to get something at Swansea to screw over any one that has Swansea defenders in the league. The fixtures are nice for all the midfield this week and it could go either way. Goals galore or cagey tight games. I’ll settle for 3 goals though… Prediction23 points

The Strikers

Romelu Lukaku is back to having a decent fixture again, where he takes on the in form Leicester City at home. Leicester are much improved recently, but they’re not keeping clean sheets and hopefully Lukaku will continue that trend.

Sergio Aguero is at home against Hull, which is promising. Hull conceded two against Middlesbrough in GW31 which doesn’t bode well for them against a side who are all about attacking… I’ll be watching this match like a hawk.

And finally, I’m taking another risk that Gabbiadini of Southampton is better for his match away at West Brom. Cluade Puel tricked me into believing he would be back earlier in the week but it wasn’t too be. He’s back training now and could make his return against the Baggies.

Obviously Gabbiadini is a risk but if he doesn’t play, I have Stephen Ward of Burnley to come into the defence who is away at Middlesbrough. I’d love to have Tom Davies coming in instead but he’s started to get subbed in matches and is picking up yellow cards so I’m opting for safety… Still, back to The Strikers. Some absolutely plum fixtures for Aguero and Lukaku, who will both start in their matches. I want to say I’ll see a hat trick but I’m not Captaining either and feel someone else in the League might do so I’ll be content with a couple of goals. Prediction: 16 points.

The Captaincy

Given the form he’s in currently, this is probably a bit of a long shot for returns but it’s Dele Alli this week. I have other options, Aguero for a start, but he’s hasn’t scored more than 1 goal in his fixture since GW13!!!!! (Even I was shocked to see it was that far back!). Even Lukaku is a shout this week against a Leicester side but he’s been missing since the Merseyside Derby in GW30. You can’t ignore Alli at the moment though, 4 goals and 3 assists in his last 5 matches is incredible! It’s so good that now EVERYONE else in the league has decided to follow suit and ruin the only good thing I had going in FPL this year!

I’m looking forward to this game week, which is often the case. We’ll see how that mood has changed at 10pm on Monday when no doubt I’ve been outscored by everyone else again, Jack Stephens has played another 90 minutes and has assisted a goal even though he’s an absolutely terrible defender (I can say that as I watched him play when he was on loan at Middlesbrough so…) and Dele Alli has been sent off.

Yey for FPL.