Points: 53 (-4) (Predicted 62)
League: 5th 
Goldenballs: Jamie Vardy

It was all looking rosy after Tuesday night, as i rushed to 28 points from 4 players, the WKD’s were flowing, Jamie was screaming “We are the champions” with his shirt off. We were having a wail of a time! Then Wednesday happened, out of 25 goals only 2 were impacted by a GSL player.. As others gained big points my team were stranded in a sea of blanks.


Jamie Vardy‘s debut was joyous grabbing a goal and the full bonus points, racking up a wonderful 18 points with the armband. Leicester left it late, but their impervious form continues and although the fixtures do turn, I see more points on the horizon. He claims his first Goldenballs award in the process, first of many!

Sir Tom kept a clean sheet as predicted keeping out a woeful stoke attack. Harry Maguire finally got that goal I’ve been predicting for weeks. Doesn’t really make up for the weeks of blanks but I’ll take it. Son left it late to score Spurs’ winner as they broke Swansea hearts with 3 quick goals. Alli and Eriksen yet again outscored the Korean but he got his goal so he deserves his place in the good section.


Firstly Valencia‘s surprise omission was a kick in the teeth. However after 90mins, I was giddy at the thought of Baines stepping off the bench with a clean sheet. However that all went tits up when Ashley Williams attempted a Steven Taylor and delivered Zlatan a chance save those managers that afforded him the armband. A big switcheroo with a 14 point swing towards the teams at the top.. (Sidenote, that goal did win me some money so I struggled to get too upset over this)

What did upset me though was the lack of output from my midfield. Tadic, Zaha, Siggy and Sanchez, all main men for their teams delivered nothing in their teams 8 goals. Sanchez has consecutive blanks for the first time since GW12, prompting the unthinkable thought of getting rid? I love Sanchez, he’s dependable and explosive, however his frame of mind continues to set managers on edge. Is he as effective from the wing? No. Is his head in the game? No. Is it time to get rid? I’m not so sure. Hazard would be an option but I’m sticking with the Chilean for the foreseeable. Tadic again frustrated, he’s playing well but not delivering any output in terms of points. West Brom away next though so he has a good chance to make good on his promising play. Just as Zaha looks to gaining some form and consistency he has a trademark anonymous game and gets nothing. He’s still a good shout for the doubles though so he’s got time to recover.

Upfront, Lukaku was always going to get 2 points. I said it in the preview, but didn’t have the balls to bench him. Not that is mattered as my bench did shit as well.

Elsewhere, Alli continued to punish me, something he won’t be doing for long. Yoshida came out of the woodwork to punish me in a few mini leagues. But the worst of all was that late Josh King goal. He seems to sit in most teams nowadays, and that late goal was a final nail in my gameweek.

The fixtures look pretty good for GW32. Made an early transfer and settled on a captain so I’m ready to go. Preview to follow!