Okay, so before we all get excited, let me lay down the context. I FINALLY had a better week than 1st place! It’s only been 3 months in the making!! And I was also one of few to make a decision Captain choice.

However, overall, it was a shit result. I lost more points on 2nd place, and 4th place continues to catch up. But this week is all about being happy that the Letdowns finally had a good game week compared to 1st.

Points: 49 points
League position: 3rd
Bellend of the week: Llorente…

The Good

Ryan Bertrand! What a beaut. Brought in for this game week and he made an instant impact. Returning a clean sheet and a solid 6 points.

Fabio(ish). Swansea vs Boro was awful. What a dogshit game. The worst defence vs the worst attack… a decent attack vs a decent defence… on paper both teams evened themselves out and that’s exactly what we saw on the pitch. There was no clear chances until the 92nd minute when Rudy Gestede missed a free header from 3 yards out which basically relegates Middlesbrough. Thanks Gestede. Anyway, Fabio brought a clean sheet but only just. He got injured in the 58th minute and got subbed at 64 minutes, which is only 4 minutes over the marker. Whoa. Cheers Fabio mate and fair play to him, he got knocked out cold but wanted to return to the pitch rather than get subbed. 5 points.

Dele Alli continues to smash it and he continues to allude most of the teams in the league. Bonus. Everyone who doesn’t have Alli is dreading any Spurs game when they score because he is involved in everything they do. He has 3 goals and now 2 assists in 4 games and he has Swansea, Watford, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace up next! He got the assist to Sons goal as Spurs beat Burnley 2-0, 6 points.

Sadio Mane, after doing nothing since he was brought in the Letdowns, to finally delivering a goal in the Merseyside Derby and then going off injured on the 56th minute… Fuck sake. Still, he got a goal and 6 points.

And finally, the man who made my game week. This weeks Captain, Sergio Aguero. City weren’t great against Arsenal and Aguero didn’t really do much, but he did enough! He missed a very good chance when he had a free header and directed straight to Ospina, but he was clinical in his only other chance of the game. Get in your little beauty. 14 points (x2 with Captaincy).

The Bad

There wasn’t many in the Letdowns that were that bad. Marcos Alonso finds himself The Bad as Chelsea went down 2-1 to Crystal Palace… Of all the results, this was definitely the biggest shock of the weekend. And the most surprising for all FPL managers. Chelsea can’t keep clean sheets at the moment, which is weird. 1 point. If another option comes along Alonso might be gone…

Glyfi Sigurdsson was pretty crap against Middlesbrough. He had one moment where he did a step over and got a shot away but it was pretty comfortably saved. His set pieces were AWFUL. I can’t stress that enough. He was absolutely fucking horrendous. He got a bonus clean sheet point but still it wasn’t enough. 3 points.

Has anyone seen Romelu Lukaku? Last seen at Goodison Park smashing Hull City. He was meant to be at the Merseyside Derby but didn’t show up. He was on the team sheet so was given a consolation 2 points but if anyone can find him in time for the Man United match, that would be great.

Bellend of the Week

Fernando Llorente… the third game in a row of some very favourable Swansea fixtures and he gets injured at some point? What the fuck happened to him! He was totally fine until 12:30pm and then the team sheet was announced and he suddenly had an ankle injury? Fuck off mate. I’ve had enough. As soon as I saw he wasn’t in the team, I transferred him out. 3 points from fixtures against Hull, Bournemouth and Middlesbrough? I’m done. Llorente you’re done mate. You are this weeks Bellend of the Week. Prick.

So overall, I was pretty happy with the team and the performance. There was another 2 injuries (Mane and Fabio) which wasn’t great, but it forced my hand a little bit. I was looking at transferring Mane anyway and he was only there because Liverpool had some decent fixtures coming up. Now my hand has been forced. I’ll reveal more in the GW31 Preview coming up tomorrow.

To quote Conor McGregor – THE KING IS BACK BABY! Roll on GW31 where we have some tasty looking fixtures coming up.