Points: 39 (-4) (Predicted 57)
League: 5th 
Goldenballs: Valencia

Had an absolute shocker.. It’s seems to be the way this season that it’s always two steps forward one step back. And it was a painful step back this week. After taking a hit, I was hoping my ballsy moves would be rewarded. Not the case..


The big plus this week was Valencia‘s debut, bringing home 8 points in the drab 0-0 with west brom. There were a lot of clean sheets this week though so his strong haul was diluted by the cheap as chips defenders raking in similar hauls. Mane delivered again in the Merseyside derby, before being bent this way and that in a bit of a horror tackle. Good job he’s made out of jelly! After the initial disappointment of Son starting on the bench he wasted no time showing his class with a tap in minutes after coming on. Hopefully this cements a starting line position midweek! It better because he’s my only shield against the seemingly essential Alli.

A very small positive was my captain decision. Choosing between Lukaku, Sanchez and Tadic. I went for the latter as a big differential, which only wielded 3 points, but that’s an extra couple of points on the others. Scraping the barrel I know, but I’m hurting.. He also hit the post.. feck!


Everything else, just lots of average perfromances. Clean sheets everywhere else made it happy scoring for the west brom, boro and swansea filth in many teams. Alonso, Maguire and Baines did nothing for me. Heaton got a few save points but ultimately got outscored by bench warmer Pickford by 3 points! Shit! Sanchez and Siggy both drew a blank.. Siggy is everywhere nowadays so I’m not that hurt, he also brought 3 points home which is solid at worst. Sanchez though is almost a differential now, with relatively low ownership compared to the other big hitters. I needed something from him and he was a passenger in quite an open game. He’s now on the wing which hasn’t hampered him in the past, but does lower his appeal.

Upfront Lukaku was well marshaled in the derby, offering nothing in yet another display of a big game he goes missing in. Llorente‘s last min injury summed up this GW, I had high hopes for the big Spaniard to deliver his trademark brace, but he never got the chance.. gutting again.

Elsewhere Augero punished me with a decent haul and the armband for many managers. A long with the miriad of shit show defenders that also picked up the defensive bonus, I’m looking at you Gareth McAuley..

Thankfully I don’t have to wait long to turn my fortunes round. Already made my transfers and my team is looking strong. A bit of luck and this GW could be a distant memory in no time.

Pray for points