I wish..

Points: 81 (Predicted 56)
League: 5th 
Goldenballs: Lukaku

GSL had a stormer this week! The saturday 3 o’clocks were particulary beneficial with 7/7 players delivering returns. The following games were another story with a succession of blanks, but my score was already formidable so it’s didn’t dent the week too much.


Lukaku‘s last min double brought in a glorious 32 points. Lots of managers captained Romelu, but having the top scoring player holding the armband is always good news and is key to getting those hallowed green arrows. He now has 63 points in his last 6.. Amazing returns form the big man. He also becomes the first player to win the Goldenballs  award in consecutive weeks!

Everton’s clean sheet brought home double rewards again with Baines and Coleman taking 12 points. The Everton trio have brought home 94 points for GSL in the last 5 games (130 points including Lukaku‘s captain hauls). Which is incredible, jumping on the Everton band wagon has put me back in to contention for a top 3 spot. The next 2 fixtures look pretty tough with away trips to neighbours Liverpool and Man United. But Koeman’s men are flying at the moment so anything can happen.

As well as the Everton clean sheet there were some great hauls from the back line. Pickford and Heaton both shared the 3 bonus points and a clean sheet in the predicted dull 0-0. With them both getting 10 points there was no bad choice here, but it was Pickford who brought home the points as Tom took a rest this week.Marcy Marc grabbed an assist in Chelsea’s late win against stoke to make it a 28 point haul from the back-line. Top work lads!

Sanchez continued his one man show as he scored Arsenal’s only goal in their pitiful display at West Brom. The man seems to be fixture and form proof, he just keeps delivering points no matter what the scenario is. He’s only blanked 9 out of 29 games this year, which is incredible. Especially when he delivers explosive hauls as well as the Diego Costa like solid points. Antonio also brought home more returns with an assist in thier loss against Leicester. Both Sanchez and Antonio picked up injuries in these games, but with the international break in place I’m hopeful they’ll be back for the next GW. which seems so far away! Who cares about Internationals nowadays anyway!


My SWansea contingent delivered nothing in their game against Bournemouth. Bournemouth love conceding goals so 4 points from Swansea’s main men was a little disappointing. Son was a big disappointment this week. With Alli and Erisken getting points the cheaper differential was wasting chances left right and center. Hopefully he’ll reward me soon enough with a few strong fixtures on the horizon.

The final shit show was Sadio Mane. He was woeful against City. Don’t believe Gary Neville’s MOM or Garth Crooks Team of the Week award (for winning the pen? Garth you lazy knob, literally the most obnoxious, irritating shit on TV). Mane was terrible, his first touch was non existent and wasted some great opportunities. He needs to get his composure back or i’ll be forced to look elsewhere.

This GW could have been immense, but 81 points will always be welcome. With a few more weeks like this I have a realistic chance of reeling in the podium spots and restoring some pride after a pretty avergae season so far.

Preview to follow