*NOTE: This was scheduled to go out on Saturday morning, but it didn’t get published. Nothing has been altered. 

I’m late writing this and if you read last weeks GW26 Review then you’ll know why. If you didn’t, let me recap: It was fucking shit, I hate FPL, I hate Gareth McAuley and 1st place in the league is now realistically out of reach.

Still, needs must and I have to put all that aside to write this weeks review and there are some interesting changes to the team after Man City’s midweek FA Cup victory over Huddersfield.

The Defence

Sticking with Eldin Jakupovic in goal as I’m never sure which West Brom (Ben Foster) will turn up. It’ll either be the typically tight Tony Pulis team or the strangely open Tony Pulis team. Jakupovic is away at Leicester, who won’t have the same ability to play on the counter at Hull where as West Brom are at home to Crystal Palace. On paper, Ben Foster seems the better option, but both teams will be pumping balls into the box (Stop it you filthy minded animal!) and I can see Benteke getting on the end of something.

I’m back to a three man defence this week, with Marcos Alonso away at West Ham, Seamus Coleman away at Tottenham and Fabio away at Stoke. I do not expect a clean sheet in any of these games but I’m banking on attacking threat. My only other options are Reid who is at home to Chelsea… or Stephen Ward who is away at Swansea, and Burnley are awful away from home. My hand is forced, it’s now up to the Fantasy Football Gods… and we all know how that ends.

Possibly one clean sheet from the four players and maybe an assist but I’m really clutching at straws here. Prediction: 14 points

The Midfield

We have last weeks transfer, James Morrison at home to Crystal Palace. I’m hoping my faith in the former Middlesbrough lad will pay off and he’ll bring back some points.

Big Gylfi Sigurdsson is a main stay now, especially with GW28 coming up where he’ll be the main man. Swansea are at home to Burnley so there is potential for points… just a shame that everyone else also has him in their team so it won’t matter either way.

Dele Alli is up next and he’s at home to resurgent Everton. I will be keeping my eye on this match most of all as I made 12 sacrifices and sold my soul to the devil that Harry Kane scores an own goal and gets a red card for fighting himself.

Finally, is one of two transfers this week, Raheem Sterling is in for Alexis Sanchez. Whoa, what have I done? I hear you shouting but let me explain. Sanchez is away at Liverpool, who usually perform against the big teams. He may get a goal, however it there is rationale behind transferring him out, even temporarily. Raheem has since become one of the form players of the league, bagging 60 points over the last 10 game weeks. Wowzers. He is also brought in as now Man City have a double fixture game week! Their first being an away trip to the Stadium of Light where David Moyes will naturally park all the buses but Jermaine Defoe will bag a goal now he’s out of the Letdowns (More of that later). The second fixture of the game week is a tasty home tie against Stoke. If Spurs can put 4 past Stoke, then Man City will absolutely destroy them.

It could be good this week. I know GSL is aware of the Man City double fixture, but I’m banking of others in the league not knowing, most of all 1st place… No, I haven’t quite given up, my brain doesn’t let me so fuck off. If he doesn’t realise about Man City then I could be in for some big gains on his lead over the next two game weeks.. but we’ll see. Still, we have GW27 first and I can see 3 goals and 2 assists: Prediction: 29 points.

The Strikers

The tasty part of the team this week. If last weeks strike force was the starter, then this is the main course (Of a two course meal). First up we have Romelu Lukaku. Fresh off scoring against Sunderland in GW26 this week he is away at Tottenham. A very different prospect but Everton have done well playing on the counter so it could be good here… or bad. Most likely bad and he won’t score. Still, there is potential…

Next we have the returning demigod that is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. My God did I miss him last week. He scored two goals in the League Cup final, it’s just a shame that they don’t count towards FPL. Still, he’s at home against Bournemouth this week, who are absolutely shit. So shit, Middlesbrough have beat them 2-0. That’s how shit Bournemouth are. Come on United!

And finally we have the main man. It’s on par with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Sergio Aguero. Yes, since that Jesus bloke got injured, the little Argentine has turned on the style and started getting himself goals – maybe not in the League, but in his last 4 fixtures, he’s got 4 goals and 3 assists. As I mentioned with Raheem Sterling, Man City have two fixtures this week so Sergio Aguero is this weeks Capitán. 

Goals goal goals. That’s 3 goals. And that’s what I’m predicting. Just the 3 goals. Prediction: 24 points.


It could be a decent week but it all depends on what others have in mind. If they haven’t thought about the double fixture than yes, it could be a good week, if they have, then it’ll be no doubt be an average / shit week. Oh the joys of Fantasy Football.

The defending champion is on the verge of collapse, mentally weak and unable to motivate himself, will Prince Aguero, come to his rescue? God I hope so.

Leopard’s Letdowns.