Captain: Sergio Augero

Gone for it this week, no point playing it safe anymore. City’s double GW is a great opportunity to catch a few managers napping, so I’ve gone balls deep sacrificing 8 points in the hope I can jump on some mega hauls from the boys in sky blue.

In goal Tom Heaton goes to Swansea, I’m not too hopeful of a clean sheet here, but maybe the save machine can reap some bonus points. Alonso goes to London Road to play West Ham, and he’s due some points after a few blanks. The Chelsea backline has been a little lax in recent weeks, so I’m hoping Conte has fired a few rockets up their arses to stop any form of complacency creeping in. Next we have Seamus Coleman away at Spurs, a clean sheet would be a big ask, so he’s the only Everton defender on the pitch this GW, as Baines watches on from the bench. Cue an Everton penalty and a jump from a tall building.. John Stones comes back into the GSL backline for the double GW, at only 4.7 and what seems a solid place in the team, he’s a bargain and hopefully worth the 4 point hit. Sunderland and Stoke are shit going forward, so one clean sheet will be enough to justify the move. Prediction:15 points

Matty Phillips is an injury doubt, but a home clash against palace would be a great way for him to make up for his dismal FPL returns in recent weeks. If not Harry Maguire will come in away at Shakespeare’s Leicester. Sterling also comes into the side this week. He’s been incredibly consistent of late with 34 points in his last 6 games. This move did see Eriksen make way, which pained me, however GW28 came into my thoughts as I looked to minimise the impact of scrapping my transfer policy to jump on the Pep wagon. Siggy hosts Sir Tom‘s Burnley, where I’m hopeful he can continue his red hot form with 37 points in his last 5! He’s no longer a differential, but his new ‘must have’ status just shows how good he’s been. Finally Sanchez survives the mad transfer dash. He was a candidate to make way in the City shake up, however it would cost over 0.4m to get him back in which was a big jump on my other big hitters. He may be at Anfield, but he’s a threat in any game so I’m always hopeful of returns from the little man. Prediction: 20

Lukaku goes to Spurs, where I’m not that hopeful of any returns. Spurs love a clean sheet at home, but if Lukaku fancies it he can outplay anyone. I’m hoping for the latter, but if you offered me a 0-0, I’d bite your hand off. Peter Crouch comes into the starting 11, as he makes up the less appealing half of the double GW sides. Unsurprisingly his form has taken a nose dive, however 2 games is enough to pull him off the bench. Finally a player that was the source of so much misery for GSL is given a second chance. Sergio Augero comes back in from the cold, with his place much more secure and a double GW against poor opposition. He was too good to turn down. It did mean I had to release Ibra, who has a plum fixture against Bournemouth so I could be made to pay.. Ibra will be back once the double GW’s properly kick off, however I don’t have much value saved in him so it was an easier transfer opposed to seeing Sanchez go. Prediction: 30


Easy decision this week. Even thought of triggering the triple captain chip, however the threat of Pep pulling a wobbler will stop me in the end. Augero has the armband.

Overall a optimistic 65 points. Hopefully Sergio can get that on his own and the rest is a bonus.

I may not be in contention for first place but I’m a rational player, I can still make a podium spot and that will have to do for this season. I also have my eye on the King Cash league cup which I’m looking to retain. Plenty of joy still to be had this season! Let’s hope it starts tomorrow!

Pray for points.