Points: 57 (Predicted 48)
League: 5th (-1)
Goldenballs: Seamus Coleman

I have mixed emotions this week, solid points across the board, gaining on a few rivals and winning my cup game to move into the semis. Largely down to my Everton contingent returned a huge 30 points!  But then Harry Kane happened, and completely skewed the leagues as teams made some huge gains. Some lucky bastard had him as triple captain, who incidently claimed the top score in the whole game for this GW!! Amazing scenes, someone I have met, even played football with claimed the top gong for a FPL GW. He can dine out on that for years, If that was me, I would build a statue of my FPL prowess and get the a screenprint of my team tatooed on my back.. One day.. It is frustrating when you have a strong week, just to be unravelled by one player propping up some shambles of a team peformance. The real kick in the balls was first place in the only league that matters yet again having an absolute stormer, although I’m sure the Letdowns will cover this in more detail so i’ll just leave it there for now.


Everton kept a glorious clean sheet for the second game running! My gamble on doubling up at the back has paid off big time, and even better Seamus picked up yet another assist and the coveted Goldenballs award. Coleman has been in amazing FPL form picking up 55 points in his last 6 games! I’ve always been a big fan of Seamus and was burnt last season with my unwavering support, but it’s all gravy now, long may it continue! Baines plugged away with another 6 point haul, but needs to start delivering some attacking returns to compete with Seamus once the fixtures turn for the Toffees. New boy Harry Maguire surrendered a clean sheet late on, however picked up 2 bonus points bringing home 4 points overall which is a decent return.

Big Sig continued his fine form, making it 5 in 5 for attacking returns! It may have only been 5 points but points is points and away at Chelsea anything is a bonus. Eriksen‘s recent form has been very strong, unfortunately for me it’s been in the cup competitions.. However he joined Kane is tearing Stoke apart and popped up with two assists, and more importantly outscoring Deli Alli. Spurs look a real threat at home, and have favourable fixtures on the horizon. Only the GW28 blank currently stands between me and mass investment.

Upfront Lukaku grabbed a vital goal for GSL. Lukaku has a way of blanking in these plum fixtures so his late strike was very welcome as he carried the armband this GW.


I mentioned Maguire surrendering a late clean sheet, Tom Heaton also lost his late on.. The game was poised at 0-0 at 70 mins until both teams decided to wreck my backline and throw away the points.. Alonso came home with 2 points, making it 2 blanks in a row.. but he’s been a FPL beast this year so he’s allowed a few off days. Good fixtures follow for Chelsea where I’m sure he’ll be back amongst it.

Matty Phillips went one step further this week in his quest to force a transfer through. His plum fixture against Bournemouth returned nothing as he was unexpectdely ruled out with a hamstring injury… Oh and Gareth McAuley scored, granted it was actually his goal this time, but it still hurts. Maybe the answer is to get him in and revel in the fluky bastards fantasy output, he’s been FPL kryptonite for too long. Capoue blew away the cobwebs, creakily making his way into the starting 11 to get an entirely expected 2 points.

My team took a battering this week with 3 players now carrying knocks. 2 of which are players ready to cover the GW28 blanks, causing some undeeded headaches. And the potential City double GW in the upcoming GW has caused a great deal of confusion..

Transfers will have to wait till City are finished in the FA cup, Sterling and Augero look like the obvious targets however with a blank in the next week is it worth the risk.. I just don’t know! My season is slowly petering out, and even my unwavering optimism is being tested in the quest for a cash prize. May as well throw the kitchen sink at it and go balls deep.

Preview to follow