I had so much hope. Like, so much hope. Hope that GW25 would be absolutely ‘ugggee’ (Donald Trump reference for the Alt-Right readers 😉 ) but it was ultimately dog shit. I even gained 5 points on 1st place but as you’ll see from this weeks The Good, the majority of the team were garbage. It could have been so so good…

Points Total: 40 (+5 on 1st)
Position: 3rd
Bellend of the week: Winston Reid

The Good

This weeks transfer, Gylfi Siggurdson, made his return to the Letdown’s this week and instantly made an impact, returning a solid 6 points. It’s just a shame that 1st place also brought him into their team this week…

Zlatan Ibrahimovic returned to the points train, getting an assist as Man United beat Watford 2-0. I needed this from him badly, as he doesn’t play in GW26 or GW28 now, which means I either transfer him out or leave him on the bench. He is more expensive than both Costa and Kane, but he’s been such a good differential from 1st place that it might be season suicide to give up on him.

THANK FUCK FOR ALEXIS SANCHEZ. Banging in 2 goals and saving this game week and probably the season, returning 15 points. To add to my disappoint with this weeks points total, I swapped the captaincy from Sanchez to Defoe… and as you’ll see, this was a terrible mistake.

The Bad

Ben Foster. Again, the fixtures favoured him over the alternative, Eldin Jakupovic, and again, he failed to deliver more points. What the absolute fuck. Up against West Ham who were without Andy Carroll, and you bring back 1 point. Fuck off.

Marcos Alonso has found himself in The Bad this week, which is a rarity so I’ll let him off from the full scale abuse, regardless of how he was up against Burnley but a 2 point return is not good enough.

* I could include Stephen Ward of Burnley here, but I accept that he won’t keep a clean sheet against Chelsea.

Next up is Dele Alli. Okay, he was away at Liverpool, but come on. Spurs were absolutely awful and the main man at the moment for them is Alli. This was his moment to drag his team through a match and help them scrap for something, but no. They all rolled over to get their belly rubbed by Jurgen Klopp. 2 points. Must improve.

The saviour of GW24Romelu Lukaku, was bollocks this week. I benched my Middlesbrough defender, Fabio, because I was expecting goals. Boro are awful against big strong strikers (i.e Andy Carroll, Benteke, Costa, Ibrahimovic) yet the match ended 0-0. Lukaku had a massive chance 1-1 against Valdes and fluffed his lines. 2 points. Brilliant.

Right, I’ve left these absolute wankers till the end. My second transfer of the week, Jermaine Defoe, coming into the weekend on the back of a 4-0 demolition of Crystal Palace the week before, was at home against a Southampton team that can’t buy clean sheets in the league. So naturally, what happens? Southampton win 4-0, Sunderland returned to being absolutely horse shit and Defoe returns 2 points (4 points with the captaincy). And the other absolute twat, is Wilfred Zaha. What the fuck has Sam Allardyce done to Crystal Palace? Even with Pardew, they could score goals, they just struggled to keep them out. Zaha was pinnacle to their attacking threat and with the tactic of “get the ball out wide and cross it into Benteke”, the assumption was that he would rake in the points. No. He returned 1 point this week after a second yellow card in as many weeks. So that’s an awful return of 5 points over the 3 games I’ve had him in the team. Fuck off Zaha.

Bellend Of The Week

You’d be forgiven to expect Zaha to be here again this week, but there was another player that has returned an even worse return over 3 weeks. That player, is Winston Reid. After being absolutely awesome for the Letdowns, to returning 1 point over 3 games. Are you fucking kidding me? West Ham were up against West Brom this week, one team without their main striker, and the other team managed by Pulis and usually tight defensively, ended 2-2. Reid also picked up a yellow card which removed the 1 solitary point he was going to bring back. Congratulations, this weeks Bellend Of The Week goes to Winston Reid.


I managed to gain another 5 points on 1st place and only had 3 players in the team that actually performed. Just imagine how good it could have been. Now, don’t get me wrong, every week always has moments of ‘what could have been’, but in a week where only 3 players turned up and with the decent fixtures, I can’t help but feel slightly dejected.