Points: 57 (Predicted 58.. Textbook)
League: 4th 
Goldenballs: Sanchez

YES!! I’m back!! The season is alive again, I’m gonna win it!! Well, maybe not, but It was a great gameweek for GSL. After last weeks horror show, I needed something to reignite my FPL passion. And my team duly delivered, joint top scoring in the league and edging out my opposition in the King Cash League cup.


The GW started with fireworks, as Sanchez ‘handled’ the pressure and took apart a plucky hull team with some decisive blows. Hull are in great form at the moment, and were unlucky to see their run end at the Emirates. However FPL points is all that really matters and Sanchez‘s 15 point haul was a superb way to get off the mark and also net himself the huge honor of the Goldenballs award. Sanchez will sit out the next GW which is a huge blow, however he has too much value tied up to risk getting rid.

The next huge plus was the man of the hour, the Iceman, Gylfi Sigurdsson. I made the rather rash choice of making him captain minutes before the deadline, so the fact he brought back some attacking returns was a huge relief. He could have made it more with a few openings, however 6 points is an acceptable haul for a captain. He also outscored Ibra who was my original choice for the armband so that was good justification (even if it was only by 1 point). Ibra scrapes into the good section with an assist against Watford. His output has dried up recently after that bumper December, however he is still getting plenty of chances and is sure to be in the points after his upcoming blanks.

The main differential is my team that proved a masterstroke was doubling up on the Everton defence. I usually wouldn’t advocate going balls deep on one back line, but I fancied Everton for clean sheets in the upcoming fixtures and it’s paid off so far. Baines came home with 6 and Coleman picked up an extra bonus point totaling 7. It’s far too tense being so dependent on one clean sheet but when it pays off its a great way to stack up the points. Sunderland at home next is as close as it gets to a clean sheet banker, so I’m hoping the returns keep coming!

Shout out to my defensive duo Yoshida and Chambers on the bench who both kept clean sheets! This would usually go in the bad section as its points missed, but I’m in a good mood and I’ll celebrate their performances.


Heaton and Alonso both blanked in Burnley’s bold performance to keep the title race slightly ajar. Heaton was expected, however I had hoped he would return some save points. Matty Phillips blanks again.. He’s been a custodian of the bad section since the new year, and would be top of the list for a transfer if the blanks weren’t causing issues elsewhere. Eriksen is another on the blank train, with 4 in a row now. He’s already started to lose value and could be on his way depending on how the fixtures fall. New boy Lukaku reminded managers how hot and cold he can be with a blank at Boro, however his plum home fixture with Sunderland gives him a great chance to make up for it. Finally, Crouchie.. The goals have deserted him. He usually stays out the bad section because he was only brought in as a cheap bench rotter, however the fact I played him ahead of 2 players who returned good points leaves me a little bit angry with the lanky legend.

Blanking is all part an parcel of FPL, you learn to take the good with the bad. However there was some bad this week that was utter bullshit. Jonny Evans powers home a wonderful equalizer to rescue the draw in the battle for the West. Nice one Jonny, well played, Brunt assist, fair enough he’s been on the watch list for a while.. Oh wait, Gareth McAuley scored?? Oh fuck sake, damn, must have been mistaken identity.. Bad news but fair enough.. Roll on 6 hours, watching MOTD, and it was clearly an Evans goal!! Yes it skimmed McAuley‘s head, but since when has the black and white rule of whoever touches it last gets the goal been a thing?? You can guarantee if that was Ibra or Lukaku heading that ball there would have been no doubt who’s goal it was. You see deflected goals all the time, with no question over who got the last touch. Are all deflections now own goals? I don’t think so.. Absolute shambles from FPL to say McAuley got that goal.


Overall a good week! Outscored many in the league by 20 points plus, partly making up for last weeks deficit. We break for an FA cup weekend now, which take on an added interest for FPL managers as they will be pivotal to  the GW28 blanks and therefore any transfer made from now until then.

Preview to follow the FA cup results.