Outlook: 58 

I must admit, I’m still in a deep depression over last weeks shocker. The dreamer inside me is all but dead, as it looks like a respectable finish is all I’ll be playing for this season. My Jan momentum was halted leaving me at least 90 points off winning any money and 170 of winning any glory. The season has a long way to go, but even someone as optimistic and FPL obsessed as me can see this is a fools errand.

Saying all this, I know that all it will take is a barnstorming GW to build my hopes up once more. My team looks pretty good going into this GW after making a double transfer (an angry double transfer on Sunday morning).

In goal Tom Heaton plays Chelsea, which would usually spell danger. However Burnley are in the comfort of Turf Moor and are always difficult to break down here, keeping 3 clean sheets in their last 4 home games. So there is a small hope he could pick up points here, even if they are just a few bonus save points. Ideally this will be a dour 0-0 where Alonso also takes a clean sheet home. However It’ll more likely be a grimey Costa winner in the 81st minute, as Chelsea marauder their way to the title. The rest of the defence is made up of the same team, which I usually avoid however with the upcoming blanks I’ve taken the risk of bringing in both Everton’s dynamic full backs. I’ve been continually burnt by Seamus Coleman as I plumped for Baines a few weeks back, so now I have both I’m hoping I can reap rewards from both. Everton are up against goal shy Boro, so a clean sheet is very possible and would be immense for my team. Prediction: 16

Matty Phillips is still in the team, he’s been unproductive for a while now, but West Ham have a habit of shitting themselves at home so hopefully Phillips will be on hand to profit. Also when The Letdowns transfer out mid-price midfielders it usually bodes well for their FPL output. Eriksen goes to Anfield, he’s been pretty poor away from home all season but Liverpool’s defense is shocking at the moment. However their terrible form can’t last forever, and I reckon a big game is what they need to shake off this horrendous run. So I’m expecting little output from the tricky Dane. A man I am expected a lot from is the Gylf! He’s been in great form against tough teams, so a hopeless Leicester side provide a plum fixture for Paul Clements men. I’m even tempted to give the Icelander the armband! Wrapping up the midfield is Alexis Sanchez. A short while ago this fixture would have me giddier than a 13 year old girl at Justin Bieber concert, however Hull’s form and Arsenals implosion has tempered my expectations. I’m still expecting returns, although I’m not confident enough to hand him the armband. Prediction: 28

Upfront, Crouchie stays in the side by the skin of his teeth. I have a strong bench this week however with Sunderland scoring 4 against the palace backline, anything is possible. If a shit show like the Mackam’s can score 4, god knows what a reasonable footballing side can do. I’m hoping it s mauling and Crouch scores 10, but realistically I see Crouch‘s days with GSL are numbered as Berahino gets up to speed. Lukaku makes his GSL debut as he comes in for he who must not be named (or at least until the tears stop flowing). 21 points is hard to ignore and he avoids blanks making him a no brainer. Boro away is a tough fixture, but I’m backing an Everton win and banking on Romalu to be involved. Finally Zlatan plays Watford at home. United looked better last time out and I feel they are on the cusp of a strong run of results. If Zlatan can up his conversion rate he could score hatfulls game after game. Watford have been better in recent weeks, however I expect United to exact revenge for the 3-1 defeat earlier in the season. Prediction: 14


I’m still between Siggy and Zlatan. Zlatan is the safer choice, however Siggy provides a ballsy way to make gains in the league. This will be a last min choice, however Swansea playing on Sunday might sway me as it’s a terrible feeling seeing your captain blank early on in a GW.

Hope is all I have left.

Pray for pride.