Points: 35 (Predicted 55.. I want to cry)
League: 4th 
Goldenballs: Hahahahaha…

Well… What an absolute shit show. A strong January was completely undone by a GW from hell. Saturday was shit, scraping 20 points from 8 players. Lukaku going wild, points galore around the big hitters.. But no panic, I still have my captain to play. Sergio Augero, the top valued FPL asset against a team at the bottom of the table, it’ll be ok. Oh wait, Pep’s benched him again! WHAT!! Fuck you Pep. It’s a sad day for the FPL, the days of sticking the Argentinian up top with the armband regardless of who is facing and getting grand returns is over. I’m sure he’ll still get goals over the rest of the season, however 12.8m for a player not guaranteed a start is just silly. Something I should have realised 5 GW’s ago..  Jesus‘s impact has been immense and could be a viable alternative, but I just don’t trust Pep, there isn’t one City player I’m 100% confident will play.


It only seems right to go straight into the bad section. The defence was looking rosy for a while with Baines on course for what seemed like a routine cleansheet. Oh wait, second half goalfest ended with a grand total of 1 points. Coleman of course gets an assist just to rub it in.. Yoshida also came home with 1 point, in this odd Southampton backline that can only keep clean sheets in the cup..

Sanchez played his part in an inept Arsenal performance bringing home 2 points. The Chilean is due a blank so no big surprise he couldn’t find anything away at Chelsea, but it still hurts.. Phillips once again does naff all, he’s blanked in 4 consecutive games now, if I didn’t have other priorities he’d be ready for the hook. Eriksen was another to blank, his output has slowed recently but I have faith in the Dane. And with the majority is players going for Alli and Kane, he’s a worthwhile differential.

I’ve already mentioned Augero‘s woes, and It’s too painful to talk about again. So that leaves Peter Crouch, he’s never going to get consistent points but getting hooked on the 58th minutes was a kick in the balls. In a GW were points were so scarce I could have done with the extra 2 mins to claim the extra point. It may also signal the end to Crouchie‘s hot streak. But his price is so low that he can sit on the bench if that happens.

The main kick in the balls this week was the key players around the leagues got points, some getting very big points. So although 35 points isn’t the lowest score I’ve had, losing 30-40 points on everyone around you is a nightmare (especially when you’re already so far behind…)


You would be forgiven for thinking there was no positives this week, however a few players decided to turn up. Ibra ended his mini drought and grabbed an important goal. Alonso grabbed yet another goal, he’s really turned it on since Ake returned to put pressure on his position. The final highlight was GSL’s main man, Gylfi Sigurdsson. In a match that should have been all about Augero saving my week, Gylfi popped up with another important goal for Swansea and more importantly GSL. 26 points in his last 3 games now, and with favourable fixtures on the horizon I’m backing the Icelander to keep up the good work.

I’m taking a small break from FPL for a few days now, until it becomes less painful to think about it. This week has caused too much trauma and will take time to heal..

Fuck you Pep..