The comeback has to start sometime soon, otherwise I can start giving up one 1st place. If this is another month like January, then the Letdowns can forget about 1st place and might have to cling on to 3rd! What a ridiculous turnaround from Decembers form.

Anyway, the fixtures look quite nice this gameweek so let’s take a look at the team for the weekend:

The Defence

Sticking with Foster in goal again as West Brom find themselves at home to Stoke. Both teams have struggled to keep clean sheets of late, but I’d favour West Brom at home to have a better chance of one than Stoke. My alternative is Aldin Jakupovic who, although got a clean sheet against Man United, was very fortunate and is up against Liverpool this week. Lightening won’t strike twice and I don’t rate his chances at all, though he might rack up bonus save points… It’s not worth it though, so Foster it is.

I’ve gone for a 3 man defence again and we have Alonso at home to Arsenal, not one i’m expecting much from,  Reid away at Southampton which is another game which could go either way as I don’t rate Southampton at all but they have their moments. And finally, last weeks hero, Stephen Ward away at Watford. Burnley are awful away from home, but they has to change some time and what better time than against Watford!

I can see one maybe two clean sheets here. Alonso will definitely struggle to bring home any points and the other three matches could easily be terrible nil-nils or goal fests. But I’m looking for at least one clean sheet: Prediction: 14 points

The Midfield

For the midfield, we have Alexis Sanchez in a London derby against Chelsea that Arsenal absolutely must win to have any chance of staying in the title race. Hopefully, Sanchez will move back to the centre to give Arsenal must more pace up front. It can only bode well that it is a must win game, a draw isn’t good enough so no doubt they’ll be going all out to score a few goals.

Dele Alli is at home to Middlesbrough, which on paper is a Spurs win all day long. Middlesbrough haven’t been great at all but they have a habit of clinching draws against the big teams. They did so away at Man City and Arsenal, and we also only 10 minutes away from beating Man United. Similar to last week against Sunderland, Spurs will be facing a 10 man defence and it will likely take a moment of genius from someone to get the goal.

Matt Phillips has flattered to deceive since coming into the Letdowns. His little patch of form has vanished in the last few weeks but he is still one of West Broms danger men. He was very close to scoring a couple of times against Middlesbrough last week and he’s at home to Stoke this weekend which hopefully might see him return to form.

Finally we have Wilfred Zaha. Palace are at home against Sunderland and both teams will be looking for a win, a draw simply won’t be good for either and I’m counting on their being goals. Zaha returned to the starting line up in GW23 and hit the bar and made a few good runs into the box, so the danger is there but he ultimately didn’t bring back many points. It’s clear the strategy at Palace is to get the ball out wide and put crosses in the box for Benteke and I’m hoping to profit from that.

I’ve choose Zaha over Tom Davies this week and when you read on you’ll see more of an explanation for this but it ultimately boils down to already having Everton cover for this game week. In terms of the 4 midfielders I have out, I am confident they can produce the goods with some nice looking fixtures for all players, arguably for Sanchez as well given the nature of Arsenal’s need for a win. I’m looking at 2 goals and an assist: Prediction:  21 points.


The Strikers

Right, well the Strikers let me down big style in GW23 so I’ve had to make a change. We still have  Harry Kane, up against Middlesbrough and Zlatan Ibrahimovich away at Leicester, with all four teams in each fixture needing points desperately for very different reasons. Spurs and United will be attacking looking for 3 points and Boro and Leicester will defend deep and look to play off the counter which ultimately could hurt them, especially if they push too many men forward.

Finally, we have this weeks transfer, Romelu Lukaku. This is why Tom Davies isn’t in the team this week as I feel that if Everton score, it will no doubt be a Lukaku goal or assist. Bournemouth have been terrible recently and are conceding a lot of goals and I’m looking for Everton / Lukaku to give them a torrid time and smash them to pieces.


Another week where the Strikers have another good set of fixtures. Hopefully they will all perform a little better than in the previous game week. 2 goals is what I’m after: Prediction: 14 points.


Some tidy looking fixtures this week on paper, but we’ve seen that that doesn’t mean shit. It’s all about luck at the end of the day, there is logic behind every decision a serious Fantasy Football manager makes but ultimately, it all comes down to where the small plastic sphere falls on the pitch. Will it fall to the players who are in the Letdowns? Will they the bottle to hit the target and score? Time will tell. I’m certainly back to being the underdog for this seasons title and in true underdog style: