Midweek fixtures are always painful. Stick the Premier League to the weekend and have cup matches during the week. But this week was just awful. None of the bigger hitters did anything and it decimated 90% of teams, but did it impact the Letdowns… ?

Points: 33 (+8 on 1st)
Position: 3rd
Bellend of the week: Olivier Giroud

The Good

Only two players are in this section this week, that’s how awful this week was (Though it was worse for 1st place, GET IN). First, the captain this week, Alexi Sanchez. Arsenal lost 2-1 to Watford… but fortunately, their goal was assisted by Sanchez!. Arsenal were absolutely awful so this was a massive result for the Letdowns that we managed to get anything from this match.  8 points.

The second, is Stephan Ward. The Letdowns were saved a truly embarrassing score thanks to Burnley. They beat Leicester 1-0 thanks to arm of Sam Vokes and so Ward returned a solid 6 points for his clean sheet.

Special mention to Eldin Jakupovic who kept out Man United as Hull drew 0-0 and returned a huge 11 points! I did not expect this at all and so he was on my bench but seeing Hulls new found resurgence in form it certainly helps as Jakupovic is definitely an option I can consider from now on.

The Bad

Can I just say the rest of the team? And I’m not even being over dramatic, they were all shit. My hope that Middlesbrough and West Brom would play out a shit 0-0 or that one side would win to nil was destroyed 15 minutes in as both sides conceded and the match ended 1-1. That meant Fabio brought back 2 points and Foster brought back 3 points (+1 for saves made). Matt Phillips wasn’t involved in West Broms goal, though he missed a sitter onto the post, so only returned 2 pointsMarcos Alonso didn’t offer anything in attack in Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool so again, just brought back 2 points (You see why I just wanted to say the whole team now?). Dele Alli and Harry Kane were shit as Tottenham drew 0-0 against Sunderland (And also stopped me winning £80…) so returned 2 points each. Tom Davies flattered to deceive as Everton drew 1-1 against Stoke, 2 points. And Zlatan Ibrahimovich couldn’t score against Hull so only returned 2 points

There were only three players that returned 3 or more points. Three… I hate midweek fixtures. They’re bullshit.

Bellend Of The Week

This was easy this week, Oliver Giroud. He was the worst player on the pitch against Watford and got subbed off at half time. Apparently he had an injury but I don’t buy it. He was just awful. Oh and because he got subbed at half time and didn’t complete 60 minutes, he only returned 1 point. I mentioned in the Gw23 Preview that I had an eye on the situation with Giroud with Welbeck and Walcott coming back from injury and I was right to be concerned as it was Walcott who replaced him at half time. Arsenal have to revert back to having Sanchez up top and look at having pace either side and if that happens, it can only be good for Sanchez and more importantly the Letdowns.

Oliver Giroud, you are this weeks Bellend Of The Week.

The only positive from this week was that I managed to finally pick up some points on 1st place. Not a huge amount, but 8 points is a start. GSL moved up to 4th place this week and is starting to claw back some points to the top 3 after a decent week which is nice! It’s boring as fuck having two teams on a Fantasy Football blog where only one is challenging for the top spot and the other is scrapping for Europa League.

Oh and as soon as I saw the results on Tuesday night, I made my transfer. I had a few options but I’ve put my faith in one player who can either light up the Letdowns or dampen any hopes of high points. Find out in my GW24 Preview who that player is and why I choose him.

Come on the Letdowns