Points: 52 (Predicted 48)
League: 4th (+1)
Goldenballs: Gylfi Sigurddson

What a week! Not a stellar score but with big players blanking all over the place it was left to the differentials to shine. The Gylf came up with a 13 point haul and Peter Crouch got his 100th premier league goal and racked up max bonus points. What a set of legends, big scores are great, but weeks like this are hugely important when gaining on the leaders. A sea of green arrows across the leagues and no doubt a few price bumps to come.


As I’ve already mentioned, the Gylf was sublime against Southampton. He’s back to his FPL best romping in the points with his all round contribution to the Swans revival. Sitting in only 5% of teams he’s a real differntial so these sort of hauls are like gold dust. He also claims his second goldenballs award! Congrats Gylf!

Another player getting his second mention, is the lanky legend Peter Crouch. He’s outscored the like of Zlatan, Augero and Costa over the past 5 GW’s, only Harry Kane can hold a light to the big mans form. All this from a 4.9m (4.7 when I got him in!) Stoke forward! His fixtures remian favourable so there’s no reason to doubt future returns.

The main stay of the good section, Tom Heaton, delivered again! What a guy! He’s already broke the record for most bonus points for a keeper in a season with 15 GW’s left! He truly is FPL royalty. Arise Sir Tom of Heatonshire. The science behind Sir Tom‘s bonus point hauls is down to Burnley’s lack of passing at the back. If a player doesn’t reach 30 passes, they miss out on a potential 4 BPS. Most defenders reach that number with ease, however Burnley’s direct play stifles those BPS points helping Sir Tom claim 2/3 bonus points each time his side keep a clean sheet. Long may it continue!

Sanchez scrapes into the section nicking a much needed assist. I was hoping for more, however returns when holding the armband are very important. The Chilean has only blanked 8/23 games this season, with a few monster hauls here and there. He’s been the player to have this year and continues to shine, even in a faltering Arsenal side.

Elsewhere Spurs being held to a 0-0 was glorious. Investing in spurs looked like a wise move for many managers, however the likes of Kane and Alli were held by a stubborn (lucky) Sunderland side.


I have to start with Augero. Now a mainstay in the bad section.. Partly his fault and partly Pep’s fault. He was declared fit however started the game from the bench. City ran riot and Augero watched on as Jesus parted the West Ham defense with divine inspiration. This puts serious doubts on his starting position, however a home game at Swansea makes the decesion a very difficult one. He is due a blank GW in 26 so he’ll have to go eventually, but is this week too soon? We’ll see..

Zlatan was another big name to disappoint. He now has two consecutive blanks planting a seed in many FPL managers minds. Will he revert back to his GW3-10 form when his underlying stats stopped translating to FPL points. He also faces a blank in GW26 and potentially GW28 so he’s one to keep an eye on. Form is temporary and class is permanent, and few possess more class than the big swede.

The defense was a shit show this week. Alonso, Baines and new boy Yoshida brought back a grand total of 5 points.. Terrible.. Although apart from Marcy Marc, the other two conceded goals to my players, so overall I can’t get too down. Matty Phillips‘ form seems to have deserted him with 3 blanks now, including two plump fixtures against the shit North East teams (Newcastle not included). Although West Brom’s lack of blank fixtures will keep him in the team for the foreseeable future.

All in all a great week for GSL! Now the attention turns to GW24 and planning ahead for those pesky blank fixtures on the horizon.

Preview to follow!