Fresh off the FA Cup weekend, where the mighty Middlesbrough destroyed Accrington Stanley 1-0 and Oxford United smashed Newcastle United 3-0, we have the next round of Premier League fixtures.

I’ve left my preview late this week as I deliberated over how I would use my transfer and who I would pick in my starting 11. Shall we get on with it?

The Defence

In goal, we have Ben Foster. No brainer really as West Brom travel away to Middlesbrough and my only other alternative, Jakupovic, travels to Manchester United.

I’ve gone for a 3 man defensive line again, with Marcos Alonso away at Liverpool so I’m not expecting much from that, Stephan Ward at home to Leicester which could have potential for a clean sheet given Burnleys home record and Fabio from Middlesbrough as they host West Brom. As much as I want Middlesbrough to win for real life football, a 0-0 wouldn’t be too bad.

I’m not expecting much from my defence. Perhaps one clean sheet, so I’m looking at bonus points and the potential for assists from Fabio and Alonso. Prediction: 13 points.

The Midfield

Alexis Sanchez is a no brainer in my midfield, the main man is at home at Watford and in decent form so I’m hoping that continues. We have Dele Alli away at Sunderland so I’m hoping he absolutely destroys them. Matt Phillips is my second West Brom player in my team and again, is up against Middlesbrough. This makes things awkward as ideally I want Phillips to score decent points, but that would mean Fabio would lose some… though I think ideally a drab draw suits me. Last up is Tom Davies. He was on the bench for the Letdowns last week and it cost me 6 points so this week, I’m hoping to capitalise on any points he scores.

My transfer this week was to get rid of the fucking dreadful Adam Lallana and replace him with the returning Wilfred Zaha. I wasn’t sure if Zaha would feature so soon after the AFCON so put him on the bench for this week, so it’s a shame that he’s been brought straight in to face Bournemouth. Hopefully, if he does score points, someone else in the Letdowns doesn’t play and as he is the first choice substitute. 

I’m looking at Sanchez and Alli for the majority of points from my midfield this week, hopefully at least a goal each. Prediction: 18 points.

The Strikers

This is where I’m looking for my points this week. We have Harry Kane away at Sunderland, who are terrible at the minute and have also just lost arguably their most capable defender in PVA. Everything looks set for Spurs and Kane to run riot…

We have big Ibra at home against Hull, who have been better recently, but you’d still expect a United victory. Although he blanked last week, he has been the guy to finish off most of United’s attacks, let’s hope that continues tonight!

And finally, we have Olivier Giroud. He’s still getting a run out for Arsenal and he’s been in very good form since he’s returned. He’s at home this week against Watford, which could be incredible for the Letdowns. With Welbeck and Walcott returning to fitness / form though, Giroud has competition for his place. It’s certainly a situation I’ll have to keep my eye on.

I’m looking at a goal from each striker this week. Prediction: 15 points.


Overall, there are some decent fixtures this week that I’m hoping my key differentials can profit from. To have a good week, I need Chelsea to stay quiet. They’ve been dominant so far, but Spurs turned them over and tonight they face Liverpool with Arsenal the week after. It’s absolutely vital that Hazard and Costa stay quiet but we’ll see.

I have my fingers, toes and my eyes all crossed tonight for some luck. It’s about time 1st place had a shocker. So come on Sanchez and come on Ibrahimovic. Do it for the yourselves, do it for the fans, but most importantly, do it for the Letdowns.