This was the week to make strides towards 1st place again. I had played my Wildcard, refreshed my team, brought in the form players and sat back on Saturday expecting a huge score. What happened? Gareth McAuley and Diego Costa is what happened…

GW22 Score: 52
League Position: 3rd (–)
Bellend of the week:  Adam Lallana

The Good

Marcos Alonso continued his good form, it wasn’t quite as high scoring as GW21, but he stilled returned the expected clean sheet at home to Hull with Chelsea winning 2-0. 6 points.

Ben Foster made his debut for the Letdowns this weekend immediately delivered on the faith I put in him. After failing to keep a clean sheet since GW13, West Brom managed to keep out Defoe as they beat Sunderland 2-0. With a tasty set of fixtures coming up, I’m hoping for big things for Foster7 points.

Note: Shout out to Artor Boruc who I swapped for Foster, who let in 3 goals and only returned 1 point. 

Dele Alli and Harry Kane. So I brought in two of the most inform players over the last month or so and both delivered. Alli scoring his 8th goal in 6 matches, returning 6 points and Harry Kane, though he didn’t score, he did provide an assist for Tottenham’s equaliser and returned 5 points.

Finally, the saviour, Alexis Sanchez. The key differential for the Letdown’s from 1st place and this weeks captain choice, I needed him to deliver. 97 minutes passed, Sanchez hadn’t done anything (In terms of Fantasy Football, in reality he was immense) but he didn’t stop. Arsenal were given an 98th minute penalty and up steps the Chilean Cheesecake to smash in a goal, bag a bonus points and return 16 points. He literally saved my week, otherwise I would have fallen even more points behind 1st than I actually did.

The Bad

Matt Phillips was in good form and was up against Sunderland, so naturally what did he do? Nothing. West Brom 2-0 and considering he is a huge part of their attacking threat, he didn’t deliver. Who did? Chris Brunt and Gareth McAuley. Fuck off. 3 points.

Zlatan Ibrahimovich… perhaps it’s a tad unfair to include him in this section given his performances of recent weeks and he was bound to have a week where he didn’t get many points, but that week should not have been against Stoke who played a full strength team and got beat 2-0 by Wolves at home… Ibra has 10 goals and 4 assists in his last 12 matches, so no, it’s not unfair. He should have done better than the 2 points he returned.

Olivier Giroud was my dark horse this week. If the Letdowns were having a bad weekend, Giroud was going to bring back the points and restore parity. Did he? He was at home against Burnley who had conceded 22 goals in 10 away matches but no. He did bugger all. 2 points.

Bellend Of The Week

Not only is this person in The Bad but he is this weeks Bellend Of The Week by a country mile. Adam Lallana. At home against Swansea, Coutinho back in the team so you’re pushed back into your more naturally LCM role and what did you do? Absolutely fuck all. You got 2 points. Again, you did nothing. Needless to say, you’re fucking out of the Letdowns. 100% off.


Another week goes by and more points lost to 1st place. It wasn’t even that bad of a week, very similar to GW21 really where the Letdown’s scored well / average but again, 1st place had another week of enormous fortune. It’s starting to feel like regardless of what transfers I make or how well the Letdowns perform, it just isn’t good enough. I’m not 78 points behind… after the December month that I had, it’s absolutely ridiculous that I’ve fallen so far behind in only a matter of 4 Gameweeks. Literally, what the fuck. I’m back on the verge, all hope is lost and if this carries on, I’ll be having a very long walk to the Tyne Bridge.

Letdown’s Letdowns – Naturally letting the team down.