I have mixed feelings about this week. The Letdown’s were the 4th highest scorers this week, they performed well and the teams who were 2nd and 3rd weren’t a problem as they are way below in the league. The biggest problem, was that the team who outscored the Letdown’s by 20 points was team in first place. Which practically outdid all of the progress that was achieved over the last few weeks. It was only back in GW19 that I was only 23 points behind 1st place! 2 weeks later, and I’m 69 points behind. For fuck sake.

Harry fucking Kane. After hitting a patch of form and being drafted into the Letdowns, to having 1 shot off target in two matches and subsequently being transferred back out of the team, to smashing goals left right and centre and bagging himself a hat trick. I hate you Harry Kane. I truly hate you. You’ve just destroy any hope that I had of winning this season, it’s only January but I feel like it’s a fight for 2nd place.

Anyway, after that rant, I’ll get onto the team…

GW 21 points: 83
League position: 3rd (-69 behind 1st)
Bellend of the week: Erik Pieters

The Good

Burnley kept up their incredible home form by defeating Southampton 2-0 with Ben Mee bring home a solid 7 pointsWinston Reid is the gift that keeps on giving at the moment, with 4 clean sheets in 6 matches since he’s been part of the Letdowns, West Ham beating Crystal Palace 3-0 and Reid bringing 6 points. Finishing off the defence, we have Marcus Alonso who finally delivered on his attacking threat with 2 goals(!!) and a clean sheet bringing a massive 21 points as Chelsea beat Leicester 3-0.

Alexis Sanchez delivered away from home again as a goal and maximum bonus points produced 11 points as Arsenal beat a woeful Swansea team 4-0. Christian Eriksen brought home 10 points in a surprisingly one sided match at White Hart Lane as Spurs smashed a solid West Brom 4-0. My transfer for this week was Robert Snodgrass from Hull, who was up against Bournemouth, Big Snod getting himself an assist as the home side won 3-1.

We have Zlatan Ibrahimovich who brought home points yet again bringing home 7 points in Man United 1-1 draw with Liverpool. In the 6 weeks he’s been part of the Letdowns he has an average points return of 9.7! What a player. And finally, we have the second transfer of the week, Olivier Giroud who scored the goal I was hoping for, but also got a minor injury and got subbed at 59 minutes… 1 minute before getting the full 2 points for participation in a match. Still as captain, it’s good he brought back something and 10 points was acceptable.

The Bad

This is a short section as I was hoping that Snodgrass would score against Bournemouth which would scupper any hope of a clean sheet for my goal keeper Artur Boruc, which is what happened.

The only player in this section properly is Erik Pieters. Stoke were 3-0 up against Sunderland. All they had to do was park 11 players behind the ball and see the game out. So what happens? Naturally, Jermaine Defoe scores for Sunderland though it accounted for absolutely fuck all as it didn’t kick start a comeback or anything. It was just a shit consolation goal.

Bellend of the week

I feel this is a little bit underwhelming this week, there is usually an absolute stand out candidate every week. Erik Pieters  didn’t bring the clean sheet I was hoping for but was he truly the Bellend of the week? Yes. Yes he is. Fuck you Erik Pieters.


The Letdowns performed quite well this week, but it wasn’t enough and it was all down to one man, Harry Kane. Desperate times call for desperate measures and this week has seen the Letdowns get a revamp. Find out what’s gone on in the GW22 Preview coming tomorrow.

Fuck you Harry Kane.