Points: 61 (Predicted 50!!)
League: 6th 
Goldenballs: Matty Phillips

The Gameweek started in a complete shit storm, Augero on the bench against Burnley!! Howay Pep, have you ever heard of FPL? You don’t tinker with your main man, not in plum fixtures. Fair to say I was fuming after butchering my team  to get Sergio in. Then the ever disappointing Cedric got injured after 9 minutes, and Jonny Evans goes down after 30.. I was preparing myself for a week from hell.

However, a ray of light emerged from the dark clouds of doom surrounding Gold Standard Liege, with a series of strong displays providing a welcome haul of 61 points.



As you can see all my attacking players delivered this week! The midfield may have only recorded one goal, however they shared 5 assists between then! Add in 5 bonus points and they brought home 34 points! Yes lads! Siggy was a key candidate for the chop this week, however even in the face of shocking fixtures I’m tempted to see how Swansea react under Paul Clement so he may continue in the team. Sanchez started Arsenal’s come back, however his points were overshadowed by Giroud‘s heroics (15pts).. Eriksen was in fine fettle once again, even if Alli stole the headlines, he has been a great addition to GSL over the past 5 GW’s, bringing in 44 points! Phillips wraps up the midfield with a stellar display bringing home 2 assists. Dropping Hazard for Phillips was a big gamble that I may still live to regret, however he is excellent value and will only be going up in price as people flex those January wildcards. He also gets the GoldenBalls award, points are always sweeter when they come from a player you’ve just transferred in.

Upfront Ibra does what he always does and brings home the points, 51 in his last 5!  The man is a FPL monster, even if his live displays are a little impotent. Finally big Sergio, his 45th minute introduction meant the pressure was on, however he wasted no time in squeezing the ball home at an impossible angle to bring home some invaluable points. The armband always requires some output if you are to have a good week, so the extra 2 bonus points meant he picked up a solid 14. I’m hoping having Augero as a differential can be the catalyst for the second half of the season.

Elsewhere Costa, Hazard and Kane all blanked! Making my transfer’s easier to stomach and denying others from meaningful hauls.



Welcome to the other half of GSL, 5 points from 5 players is shocking. Ake and Alonso I wasn’t expecting anything from so I can forgive them for their displays. Evans and Cedric were early injury blows that can’t be helped.  Tom Heaton up against City only managed a solitary point, making only 1 save! Granted City’s early red was the reason behind this but still, it hurts.. My defense is pretty piss poor, so I can only have myself to blame. Cedric is public enemy number one at the moment and will be moved out next week depending on injuries elsewhere. Alonso is also starting to worry me, after being very ineffective going froward, however I would need extra Chelsea defensive cover which would be a transfer I can ill afford with so much deadwood hanging about my team.


I have my eye on a few players, however I’m taking the sensible option and waiting till after the FA cup is out of the way. I have 4 injuries acorss my team so I can’t afford any more. Baines is catching my eye, however that City fixture next may postpone his arrival. Lallana for Siggy is another option that tempts me, however I’ll have to see if Cedric and Evans recover. The FA cup may provide some insight as fringe players battle for first team action so it’s better to get as much info as possible before making a change. Especially as the I won’t be jumping on the Alli or Giroud bandwagons.


Overall a decent week,  green arrows across the leagues and gaining on the majority of leaders. The Injuries are a worry but with a week and a half between GW’s I’m hoping most of them will clear up.

GSL preview will be out mid next week!

Pray for points, Pray for the Magic Sponge.