I’ve been shit at doing this over the Christmas period. I’ve been enjoying myself too much! So apologies, but here’s a review for those TWO game weeks. I’ll quickly cover GW 19 and then talk about GW 20.

Gameweek 19 review

GW 19 points: 47
League position: 3rd (-23 behind 1st)
Bellend of the week: Christian Eriksen

The Good

Artor Boruc managed to keep a clean sheet in an away match! Granted it was only against Swansea, but given they are a different team at home and are usually good for a goal or two, it was very surprising to see him come back with 8 points.

Alexis Sanchez continues to bring home the points, albeit not as much as previous seasons but given he’s been moved across to the wing now to make space for Giroud up front, it’s good to see him still returning something to the team. An assist and a clean sheet against Crystal Palace  saw Sanchez return 6 points.

Eden Hazard,  in a crazy match against Stoke, brought an assist and 5 points to the team. Hazard hasn’t performed quite to the same levels are earlier in the season at home but is still usually a reliable source for FPL points.

I can’t talk about Chelsea without mentioned Diego Costa. Yes, he came straight back from his one match suspension and immediately carried on his incredible form, bagging in a goal and returning 6 points.

Last but not least is the gameweek captain, Zlatan Ibrahimovich. In a match where Man United dominated a Boro side looking for a point, Utd somehow found themselves 0-1 down with 10 minutes to go. The Boro fan inside loved every minute of it, I was buzzing. Until Utd finally found their scoring boots and scored 2 goals in a minute to win 2-1. Fortunately, one of those goals was assisted by big Ibra who managed to bring a solid 10 points.

The Bad

Marcos Alonso finds himself here this week, albeit after bringing home 3 points due to an assist. Why he’s here though, is because he was part of the Chelsea defense, that went from being as solid as Adebayo Akinfenwa, to being as solid as Ali Dia was at being good at football. Conceding two goals against a Stoke team who weren’t in great form AND also getting a yellow card in the process. If it wasn’t for a lucky assist, he would have returned zero points.

Ben Mee was part of a Burnley team that were smashing Sunderland 4-0. Job done, concentrate until full time and enjoy the celebrations. No. No. No. They got complacent and let Sunderland score a measly consolation that meant absolutely fuck all as the match ended 4-1. It wasn’t even the start of a comeback! It was just a nothing goal. God I hate nothing goals. Ben Mee, fuck off, I’ll keep your 2 points but you can fuck off.

Bellend of the week

Christian Eriksen! You utter utter twat. How on earth does your team score 4 goals at home and you not be part of any of them? I was counting on you to score big but no, you just thought you’d come back with 2 points. Brilliant. You are this weeks Bellend of the week! 


Surprisingly this was a decent week for the Letdowns. Not everyone performed as I hope’d they would but the majority did something and it reduced the deficit down from the top to just -23 points. Considering I was 60+ points behind the leader a few weeks ago, this is a very welcome site to be so close and finally a main threat to the leaders.

Gameweek 20 Review

GW 20 points: 49
League position: 3rd (-42 behind 1st)
Bellend of the week: Adam Lallana

The Good

This will be a fucking short section because CHRIST this was awful. My worst week for a long while and it saw me drop a further 19 points off the leader, down from 23 to 42. Fuck. There were however some decent performances from some players, starting with Christian Eriksen. Gameweek 19’s Bellend of the week turned on the style in his home match against Chelsea. Yes, this is the same player who wasn’t involved in 4 goals against Watford, but was involved in both goals against Chelsea (Football is weird). Eriksen was immense and returned a huge 11 points!

Erik Pieters brought a much needed clean sheet after conceding 10 goals in the last 3 matches, keeping out a shite Watford team and returning 7 points. With some decent fixtures coming up, I’m hoping to see more clean sheets and possibly even more attacking threat from Pieters who is now playing as wingback for Stoke.

Alexis Sanchez scored in his match against Bournemouth returning 7 points. Now playing from the wing, it’s good to see Sanchez still continuing to bring home FPL points!

And finally, this weeks captain for the second week running, Zlatan Ibrahimovich, who scored an offside goal against West Ham, was relatively dogshit until then. Somehow, he’s managed to be terrible in his last few games but still pop up with goals. I’m certianly not complaining, but it definitely makes me consider if I should continue on with giving him the captaincy because sooner or later his luck will run out and he’ll play terrible and not score.

The Bad

For the second week running, Marcos Alonso, who was ever present in The Good prior to this week, is languishing in The Bad. He was up against Tottenham, so I wasn’t expecting much from him in terms of points, to be honest, but he was just awful in the match, so much so that he got subbed at 64 minutes and was Chelsea’s lowest rated player up until that point. He wasn’t the only Chelsea player to suffer and drastically under perform as Eden Hazard produced nothing from midfield and Diego Costa had to fend for scraps. The Chelsea contingent in the Letdown’s contributed to 5 points in total. 5 points

Artor Boruc. In perhaps the most frustrating match of the FPL season, Bournemouth let a 3-0 lead disappear to draw 3-3. Bye bye the 8 points I was hoping to grab from Boruc, a key differential from the top 2 teams in the FPL league. Instead, he returned zero points, as he tried to waste time and got himself booked. Brilliant. And just to make things even worse, it was Giroud who scored the winner after his 2 assists for Arsenal, which was the main reason I fell so far behind the leader in the league. Fuck you Boruc, fuck you Giroud, fuck you Bournemouth and eat a dick Eddie Howe.

Special mention to Jonny Evans in this section, who I thought was nailed on to bring home a clean sheet this week, but he brought back just 1 point. Albeit, he got injured after 29 minutes, which is why this is just a special mention

Bellend of the week

Sunderland vs Liverpool at the Stadium of light. Sunderland need points so you’d expect them to not play as deep as what they would away from home and you’d expect players of the calibre of Adam Lallana to relish that, especially given his form recently which is why I transferred him into the team for Glyfi Sigurdsson. So what happens? Lallana brings home 1 points as Liverpool draw 2-2. What. The. Fuck. Oh and just to rub it in, Sigurdsson gets an assist and scores 7 pointsAdam Lallana, you are absolutely this weeks Bellend of the week.


What a terrible start to the year. I don’t mind having bad weeks, but it’s awful when you get a months worth of bad luck piled into one game week to virtually ruin all the good progress the Letdowns were making. Still, this is what makes FPL so good to play and helps keep managers on their toes. We have the FA cup weekend next, which I have found myself caring less and less for in recent seasons and can’t wait for it to be over. Middlesbrough play Sheffield Wednesday at home, which would be a good match if it was a league game, but it’ll be two weakened sides and we’ll have to put up with seeing Stuani pretend he’s a football player. Yey…

After that, the next PL fixtures look good, but more on that in the GW21 Preview that I’ll be posting soon. In the mean time, pray for no injuries to key players (as I’ve already made my transfers) and pray for points in GW21.

Leopard’s Letdowns.