Points: 34 (Predicted 58… Oops)
League: 6th (-1)
Goldenballs: Giroud, just for that outrageous scorpion
Outlook: 50

My performance for gameweek 19 doesn’t need a full article, because it can be summed up in 3 words. Shit, Shit and Shit. Only the big hitters in my team brought back any returns and they were only an assist each. 34 points when all around were reaping the rewards of a Kane, Alli, Phillips haul was an absolute nightmare. This piss poor performance has led to some rather rash decisions.. So i’m hoping the quick turnaround for these gameweeks can provide a quick change in fortune.

In goal Tom Heaton goes to City, where I’m sure he’ll concede but he’ll make plenty of saves and maybe get a 3/4 point haul. Alonso goes the White Hart Lane, where I expect Spurs to end Chelsea’s streak of wins so unlikely to get a clean sheet here. Cedric, I hate, however he’s been spared this raft of transfers as my hope is he’s been rested for this game. Evans stays in the starting 11 as he goes up against goal shy Hull at home. Brom are in some great form at the moment and have some great budget fantasy assets. Finally Nathan Ake comes in, mainly because he is dirt cheap and has great form, he is playing Arsenal this week so a clean sheet will be hard to come by. So all in all, I’m not expecting much from this defence. Prediction: 15

In midfield I’ve drafted in another budget friendly West Brom asset in the form of Matty Phillips who is in a hot patch at the moment. The Hull fixture was just too good to turn down. Eriksen plays Chelsea where I expect goals, could do with a return soon from the Dane. Glyfi survives for one more week, he has used up all his lives however couldn’t find a configuration of transfers to do what I needed to do. He is away at Palace so there is a small chance I could be rewarded, but not likely. Sanchez goes to Bournemouth, where I expect he’ll be in the points once again. Even when he’s playing on the wing he very dangerous and has been unlucky in recent games with his points hauls. Prediction: 15

Upfront is where I have big hopes. I’ve sacrificed other areas of my team to bring back the dream strike force. Augero and Ibra. It makes my team very top heavy, but Ibra is in fantastic form, and should have had a goal in his last game but was denied by some shocking refereeing. Augero on the other hand is just coming back from a 4 game ban and although he blanked on his return, Augero is Augero. Yes Costa, Kane will get good points but no one can match the Argentine for those explosive points hauls up front. This man can get you huge hauls week in week out. He’s missed 5 games through suspension but still sits 4th in the scoring charts. The man is a Fantasy Point machine and going without him is a grave error. Add to that he plays Burnley at home this GW and I’m very optimistic of a good return. Prediction: 20


The returning FPL goliath, Sergio Augero, picks up the armband. It’s a non contest.


As you may have noticed, I have taken a big risk in my quest to free up funds for Sergio. Kyle Walker, Divock Origi and the biggest risk of all Eden Hazard has left the team. Meaning I’m going without Chelsea and Liverpool cover… Which as I’m writing this I realise is probably a terrible mistake. Firstly Walker to Ake I’m happy with, Walker‘s fixtures don’t look good for points and Ake is a bargain on form with ok fixtures after this GW. Origi to Augero was forced upon me as sacrificing Anichebe for Augero just wasn’t happening with the price difference. Hazard to Phillips was difficult, I love Eden Hazard, he’s a joy to watch, however his fixtures look difficult and he struggles away from home. The last time I got rid of him he punished me severely.. I’m hoping Phillips can nick some points in the meantime and Augero can make up for Eden‘s output.

Overall I’m predicting 50 points, however this is largely down to Augero‘s performance. I’ll be watching the city game through my fingers hoping he can hit the ground running after his lay off.

Pray for Points, Pray for Sergio.