Sanchez has a blinder to cover the cracks of an otherwise mediocre week.

Points: 72 (Predicted 55, Get In!!)
League: 7th (+1)
Goldenballs: Alexis Sanchez
Outlook: 60

After last weeks captain choice meltdown, I vowed to never make last minute decisions ever again.. that was until the Thursday night when the pre game week jitters kicked in again. Augero or Alexis?? In the end I went for fixtures, with Sanchez going to  a leaky West Ham. After the early kick off and Augero‘s flying assault on David Luiz I was feeling pretty smug. Roll on 5 hours and I am a fantasy god, a giant of the game, a tactical mastermind. Sanchez has the game of his life and returns 46 points!! (More than some of my previous weeks combind..) Thanks you Sanchez you wonderful Chilean man, how may I ever repay you.


The City v Chelsea game not only yielded a great justification for last minute captain changes, but also provided a fantasy manager dream scenario. Alonso and Hazard combined for Chelsea’s 3rd giving GSL a bumper haul of points. The Chelsea train rolls on, although they did ride their luck on a few occasions at the Etihad.

Augero‘s red card can be seen a good news for FPL managers. With a 4 game ban we all have a few games to spread funds around the team, before scrambling to get him back in after the new year. Kane and Costa the obvious replacements with great fixtures and great form, Augero‘s moment of madness could not have come at a better time.

This GW was particularly cruel on a few managers. Seemingly solid looking teams, filled with the likes of KDB, Walcott, Pedro, Austins.. and other solid FPL options had absolute nightmares. Some teams failing to get out of the teens.. Poor bastards, i would mock them but I know how that feels all too well. And minus Alexis‘ monster haul i would have been down there with them.

Also John Walters, the novelty footballer of the decade, bundled in a goal for Stoke. Nice one John!


Everyone else.. the team was filled with 1’s and 2’s. Pickford saved his way to a 3 which spares him, however everyone else failed to deliver. My two new Southampton recruits, Austin and Soares were very disappointing, especially with Benteke grabbing two grimey goals to punish last weeks transfer.. I’m sorry Christian, I should have never doubted you.

Andy Carrol ruined Monreal‘s chances of a clean sheet, Anichebe bullied his way to 2 points, Allen was benched and only played a cameo role to see out stokes win and Firmino.. Come on Roberto, it’s you time to shine, a few more blanks and GSL will have to look elsewhere for Brazilian flair.

2 West Brom defenders got on the score sheet, thankfully McAuley wasn’t one of them, however big Jonny Evans was.. and he was sat agonisingly on the bench. 9 points wasted, damn..

Elsewhere Costa continued his fine form (and didn’t pick up that elusive 5th yellow), Mane took his chance to become Liverpool’s main threat in Coutinho‘s absence and on an unrelated note Newcastle lost 2-1 and had 2 men sent off.. excellent stuff.


Obviously this week was all about what to do with the bounty raised from saying a temporary goodbye to Augero. I’ve once again ignored Diego Costa to get some spurs cover with Harry Kane winning me over with his recent form and his knack of going on a scoring run around this time of the year. Also that looming suspension that has to come eventually put me off the rampant Spaniard.  I also took a 4 point hit to redistribute some funds, and welcome Glyfi Sigurdsson to the team, great fixtures and the chance he’ll play up top make him a good shout for the festive period.

**UPDATE** My eagerness to hunt down some value making transfers early has cost me dear. Austin‘s injury in last night means he has made way for Origi. 8 point hit this week, usually a fantasy no no, but I’m backing Origi to soften the blow.


As you may have gathered, I get pretty excited about Fantasy Football. This week has me very giddy, the ‘Pick Team’ screen makes my knees weak at the thought of a glorious weekend.

Heaton comes back in to face Bournemouth at home. Burnley at home specialists at letting the opposition fire shots straight at the goaly, so even if he relinquishes a clean sheet I expect a few save points. Alonso welcomes West Brom, which represents a good chance at points at either end of the pitch. Cedric hosts Boro, which after their 3-0 last time out will be keen to keep it tight. Stoke visit the Emirites, where Monreal has a great chance of a clean sheet. Very optimistic about a goal haul from the back line. PREDCITION: 18

Hazard vs West Brom, Firmino vs West Ham, Sig vs Sunderland, Sanchez vs Stoke. All at home!! There has to be points here. Sanchez is in incredible form and will retain the captains armband. Hopefully Hazard will continue to add points to his mercurial displays. If Swansea score against Sunderland, you can be sure Sig will be involved. Firmino is always a threat for Liverpool, and is definitely due something. PREDICTION: 30

Kane makes his GSL debut against United, difficult fixture but Kane has shown before he can provide in the big games. Origi makes his debut against West Ham, where he’ll hopefully maintain his central striking berth that he’s been thriving in since Coutinho‘s injury.  Anicheboi goes to the Liberty stadium, not expecting much but the big man has shown in recent weeks he’s capable of delivering solid points. Prediction: 12

So overall a very optimistic 60 points. Sanchez could get that on his own this week!


Pray for Points