What a weekend. First Chelsea beat Man City 3-1 at the Etihad, Palace beat Southampton 3-0 to record their first win in 6 and Bournemouth comeback from the death to beat Liverpool 4-3!

I had a good week of results. I’m still buzzing but I’ll try and calm myself to write up how the Letdowns got on this week.

The Defence

What a decision it was to leave out my newly drafted in signing of Lovren. After 2 consecutive clean sheets and going up against Bournemouth, you could forgive a person for thinking Liverpool had a reasonable chance of keeping a clean sheet. But they would now be regretting that decision. Big Lovren conceded 4 goals and returned a terrible Nill Poi. This was just one of 3 incredible decisions this week.

Jordan Pickford was oh so close to bringing home a clean sheet against Leicester, but a steady return of 3 points is nothing to be sniffed at for a keeper.

Next up, was Jonny Evans. I was confident that West Brom vs Watford would produce a clean sheet for the home side but the match ended 3-1, there was no clean sheet for Evans however he wasn’t going to let ruin his day as he came up with a goal! Returning a massive 9 points the Letdowns.

Marcos Alonso this week was up against Man City and as I mentioned in my GW14 Preview I wasn’t confident of a clean sheet but I was hopeful of a goal or assist from the Chelsea wingback. Oh and how he produced. Bagging home an assist and a very welcome 6 points.

The 2nd great decision of the week came from deciding who to play between Erik Pieters and Ben Mee. Stoke and Burnley were playing each other, the home side had the form but Burnley would see this as a potential away match to pick up some desperately needed points. I opted to go for the form team, Stoke and Erik Pieters was brought into the team. And what a good decision that turned out to be. Clearly pleased with the faith entrusted onto him, he returned 6 points to the Letdowns, where as the bench warmer Ben Mee returned only a single point.

I predicted a points return of 15 from the defence this week, but instead they decided to step up another level and returned a massive 24 points!

The Midfield

Recently drafted in Joe Allen found himself on the bench against Burnley, which surprised a lot of FF managers. From being a pivotal attacking threat, to having to drop deeper to cover for injuries, to now seemingly warming the bench is a strange decline. Hopefully this was just a blip and he’ll be back in the starting 11 sooner rather than later. He came on midway through the 2nd half but didn’t do much and returned 1 point. Very disappointed as I took a 4 point hit to get him in my team.

Roberto Firmino… Roberto Firmino. This was your chance. With Phillip Coutinho out injured, surely you would provide something to the Liverpool attacking threat? No? You”re just going to leave it all up to Sado Mane and Emre Can? You dick. Typical that Liverpool scoring 3 goals and he doesn’t have any impact into any of them. A massively disappointing 2 points. Fortunately it looks like Mane might be injured so more emphasise will hopefully fall to Roberto to score a few points in the coming weeks, which would be especially nice as Mane will also be heading off to the African Cup of Nations in January!

I mentioned in The Defence that Marcos Alonso got an assist for a goal and it was none other than Eden Hazard who scored it! This is a fantasy football managers dream when two of their players combined like this. A very solid 9 points this week.

The main event arrives, the best decision of the week, this weeks star man, Alexis Sanchez. From making me pay for not selecting him as my captain in GW13 I had a last minute switch from Sergio Aguero to Sanchez and oh how fortunate I was (More on Aguero later). Watching the West Ham vs Arsenal match, it seemed like it was going to be another frustrating captain choice as chance after chance went begging. So I prayed. I sacrificed 10 goats and a hamster and the Gods heard me. Sanchez bangs in a hat-trick and an assist! Returning a huge 46 points for the Letdowns.

The Strikers

Up first is Victor Anichebe. Drafted in this week and another transfer that flatters to deceive. Listening to the match (Sunderland vs Leicester), he rarely threatened and naturally the goal fell to Defoe. Bitterly disappointed as I was hoping for more after he burst back onto the scene with 2 goals against Hull. Fortunately though, nobody on my bench bettered his return of 2 points.

The ever reliable Diego Costa is next and yes, he delivered again. Of course he did, he’s been in incredible form all season! There has been only 4 games so far this season where he hasn’t scored and in 2 of those games he provided an assist. He also missed out on picking up a 5th yellow so is STILL available, though he did pick up a knock so I’ll have to keep an eye out on that injury as it develops. But this was after he scored and provided an assist in Chelseas 3-1 over Man City, totalling a nice 12 points.

The Chelsea spine of my team delivered incredibly this week as the 3 players (Alonso, Hazard and Costa) returned 27 points! 

And last and definitely least this week is Sergio Aguero. After changing my Captaincy from him to Sanchez prior to the deadline, I was naturally scared shitless of how Sergio was going to punish my arsehole. I did not want a repeat from last week. Come 2:30pm on Saturday and Sergio is the one bent over getting done in as he had a royally shite week. Not only did he fail to score but he also get himself a straight red card returning a severely satisfying -1 points. There was only one winner this week, the award of BELLEND OF THE WEEK goes to MR SERGIO AAAAAGUEROOO. 

The only slightly disappointing part of Agueros pathetic performance is that more people didn’t have him as captain.

Overall, this game week saw me return the most points a massive 95 points moving me up from 6th place to 4th and also taking a nice chunk of points off the leader. I’m within 50 points of 1st place and next weeks fixtures look very very tasty. Especially after I did my transfers early but more on that in the GW15 Preview coming later in the week.