Thank GOD that we have proper football back this weekend. Can we just scrap the England? Nobody cares anymore, we’re sick to death of the shite, the hype, and the inevitable disappointing loss.

Premier League football is back! And with that comes Fantasy Football. Gameweek 11 saw my team score a massive 65 points which gained me 14 points on 4th place and arguably more important a huge 13 points on 1st place.


The champ was back in form, the comeback was on, the crown was coming back into the reach of the Leopard.

Then this happened (Sanchez was injured at one point as well!):


The internationals had not only destroyed my enthusiasm for football it had also destroyed what any chance I had of making my good run of form continue. The Brazilian Pablo Escobar, the mad man of the team that is Diego Costa got a groin injury, the Belguim wizard Eden Hazard had a calf injury, Geoff Cameron stretched his leg too much and buggered his knee, Bellerin hurt his ear, his ankle, his ear, his ankle, seriously what actually was up with the guy? Snapchatting his bruised ear and saying shit like “making a nice recovery”, leaving managers like myself in the lurch, only to then be out for 4 weeks! And then we have big Glenn Whelan, ever present for Stoke, the hard man of the team, picks up an ankle injury when playing for Ireland.


So, I did what only any Fantasy Football manager would do, I prayed to the Gods. I prayed so fucking hard that nothing work and I had to make 3 transfers and start this game week with -8 points.

After his recent run of form for Chelsea, Marcus Alonso replaced Hector Bellerin in my team. As much as I highly rate Bellerin in both a Fantasy Football and Real Life Football perspective (The highest order of compliment a man can ever receive), he had to go as 6.5 million was too much for a defender to not play for 4 weeks.

With the extra big of cash I had flowing from pockets, I turned my attention to Geoff Cameron. I have no doubts he’ll be back within 1 or 2 weeks, but I needed players in my team that were ever present. So I looked towards his team mate, Erik Pieters.

By this point, I had used up my 1 free transfer for the week and also took a -4 point hit with the 2nd transfer. I decided to think long term. I had Jordi Amat on my team that wasn’t playing at all and I had funds to make another transfer for a player that did play every game. COME ON DOWN MR BEN MEE (Fuck off Burnley).

So now my team looks like this:


Much, much better.

With Hazard returning to full fitness, I was tempted to give him the big C (Captain) this week, but it would be a bold move against a Middlesbrough side that has been very tight recently with a 0-0 against Arsenal at the Emirates and a 1-1 against City at the Etihad, so i’m hoping that continues and Aguero smashes through the front doors of the Palace and lights the place up.