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Leopard’s Letdowns – GW 10/11

03 NOVEMBER 2016

Leopard’s Letdowns – GW 10/11
Points return: 68
Position: 5th (1+)

GW10 Results


This week was a very mixed bag of treats (#seasonaljokes). The early kick off of the day saw el captain Alexis Sanchez plough through Sunderland like they didn’t know what was coming. A solid 26 points return! Firmino left it late for Liverpool to reduce the impact that Coutinho was having against Palace and scored a nice 6 points, alongside Bolasie (6 pts) who I had to take a 4 points hit to bring in. And to finish the Good section, we had the one and only Diego Costa scoring a thundercunt goal and bringing home a nice 7 points. Capoue scored a solid 3 points, which isn’t much but as the cheap option in my midfield it’s certainly a bonus.


Where the fuck to I begin? Heung-Min Son, what are you doing mate? 1 point!? Cheers. Fuck off. Bournemouth… you were playing Middlesbrough. You had ONE job and that was to have a shit 0-0. Instead you lose 2-0 (Mixed emotions), Boruc brings in 1 point and just to top it off Adam Smith gets a yellow card and brings home a huge nill poi. And before I get onto talking about the controversial inclusion in this section of my blog entry for this week, a hats off to Hector Bellerin, who just for shits and giggles, couldn’t keep a clean sheet against Sunderland. Sunderland… for fuck sake. Was there a lass you fancied in the crowd that you were trying to impress and didn’t like seeing cry at the state of her football club!? Get a grip! You cost too much money to be in my fantasy football team to not keep clean sheets against Sunderland! Sunder.. fuck it. Moving on.

Sergio Aguero

Some would say Sergio Aguero scoring a huge 16 points is insanely good… but when everyone has him as their captain, and then that means he scores a HUGE32 points for them and your captain only returns 26 points, it means they’ve gained 6 points. Which is precisely not what I needed given my defense had an absolute shit show.

Still, even though I scored one of the lowest points totals of the game week, I moved up a place into 5th position. THE DEFENDING CHAMP IS MOVING UP.

GW 11 Preview

Fuck off Heung-Min Son, COME ON DOWN, EDEN HAZARD. Albeit, I had to take a 4 point hit and swap Capoue for Glenn Whelan, but the form Hazard is in will certainly make up for it… right? I ridiculed some for sticking with Hazard at the start of the season when things were going right for him, but I’m a big man (6ft 4″ mate), I’m happy to admit when a player turns it around.


Well the defense can’t get much worse. Bournemouth against Sunderland, come on Boruc and Smith, don’t let Defoe score, you only have to mark one man in that team! Bellerin up against Spurs, likelihood is that he won’t keep a clean sheet (Though Spurs can’t score for toffee at the minute) so i’m looking for maybe an assist. And lastly we have big Geoff Cameron, who i’m hoping will return from whatever the fuck injury he had and keep out a West Ham team currently too scared of their own fans to perform at their new stadium.

Prediction: 10 points


This is where I think GW 11 will be won. There are a lot of tough games so it’s down to whoever has that 1-2 players that turn a game around. Sanchez against Spurs or Hazard against Everton could be the players to do so, but i’m counting on Firmino to continue his decent form against a shite Watford team, honestly I have no idea how they’re grinding out results as they’re awful. Oh and a shout out to Glenn Whelan that will have to play, he’s a solid 2 pointer if nothing else. Bolasie chipping in with a goal or assist too would be a beautiful sight but i’m not holding out much hope.

Prediction: 20 points


Everyone has Aguero and will captain him this week. Middlesbrough did very well to keep out an Arsenal team that were smashing in goals left right and centre, but Aguero and City are a different beast. I’m looking at another haul of 15-20 from the big man. And last, but no means least, Diego Costa. I expect him to grab a goal or an assist against Everton, especially at home and to hopefully not get a yellow card and be suspended for Middlesbrough the week after.

Prediction: 20 points

I think it’ll be a tight game week. Watford will lose their streak of clean sheets, Chelsea will struggle to keep out Lukaku and Aguero, who everyone has, will score a brace. It’s the Glenn Whelans and Geoff Camerons that will make or break this week for everyone.


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