Alonso you beautiful man! I am a genius..

Points:57 (54 Predicted)
League position:9th

Another green arrow week helped steady the sinking ship that was my fantasy premier league season. Although dropping a place in the league, my team gained points on the front runners (got to focus on the positives!)


Bringing in former Bolton reject Marcos Alonso turned out to be a masterstroke as he posted a glorious 13 points. Making up for the shit show that was the rest of my defence. Claiming 17 points in total.

I finally selected the top scoring Liverpool midfielder! Firmino putting in a stonking second half to post 15 points. Although that really translated to 3 points as literally everyone has one of Liverpools big hitting mids.

And Benteke and Augero both registered, totting up some solid points. Although Sergio should really be doing better against Boro!

Elsewhere, a few big names picked up their 5th yellow card which will hopefully force a few teams to field their Lewis Grabbans and Jordi Amats. Especially with the international period ruling a few others out. Thankfully Sanchez didn’t disintegrate against Uruguay, after Chile ignored Wenger’s plea to take care of his prize asset.


Again, too many non performances throughout the team. Williams got a big fat nil pois, Allen did little against a leaky West Ham, and Capoue’s bandwagon looks to have been dismantled and sold for spare parts. The north London Derby wasn’t the goal fest I hoped for, meaning Sanchez, Monreal and Son all blanked. Son seemed like a no brainer a few weeks back, now he’s back into the dark depths of FPL obscurity. United scored some goals for once, however to my dismay, Rashford didn’t even play a minute never mind contribute anything more..

Elsewhere, Hazard really wanted to rub it in my face this GW. In hindsight, getting rid 3 GW’s ago was a terrible terrible decision, losing out on 41 points in that time. Diego Costa continues to plough through defences as well adding to my Chelsea woes.

One thing you can’t afford to be in FPL is stubborn. You have to admit when you get it wrong and take action, hence Hazard waltzing back into my team. Son and Rashford make way from Big Eden and bench rotter Victor Anichebe.. both of these players are currently a doubt for the upcoming GW but that’s the risk you take when you chase value. Thankfully my bench isn’t terrible so I should have cover. Although swapping out Hazard for Capoue doesn’t scream points..


Thankfully my team has stayed relatively injury free over the international break, with only Hazard being a real worry. So getting 11 out shouldn’t be a problem (as if that should ever be a problem..). A few tasty fixtures should promise points but international breaks seem to have a way of turning the prem on its head..

The back line looks primed for points. Going for Pickford in goal over Big Tom. Burnley are a different side away from home and West Brom will have their Chadli back. Alonso goes to Middlesbrough, Williams goes back to the liberty and Jonny Evans will play his part in a comfortable West Brom win to nil. PREDICTION: 18 points (gone for it!)

Firmino goes up against a stubborn Southampton defence, however I Liverpool are playing on another planet currently so I wouldn’t bet against points (fingers crossed). Sanchez goes to Old Trafford (hopefully, Wenger can’t rest/drop him surely???), where he’ll score a hatful as he breezes through united’s makeshift back four. Allen goes up against an inconsistent Bournemouth side where there’s a real chance of points from the Welsh Wizard. If Eden plays he’s sure to be key to Chelsea methodically dismantling Boro’s dogged defence. If he doesn’t it’s a standard 2 points from Capoue. PREDICTION: 20

The front line loses a man this week as Gold Standard Liege trails the 442. Augero and Benteke lead the line against each other.. so hopefully we have a 4-4 with both strikers filling their boots.. More likely a 0-3 to city with oddities like Nolito and Navas getting the goals. PREDICTION: 8 points

A total of 46 seems depressingly low, but let’s hope I know nothing (as the seasons evidence seems to suggest).

Pray for points