Some say Fantasy Football is just a game.. We strongly disagree.

Fantasy Football, Gold Standard Liege

Gold Standard Liege – GW 10/11

03 NOVEMBER 2016 on Fantasy Football, Gold Standard Leige

Points! Glorious Points!!Points return: 74
Position: 8thTHE GOODFinally a green arrow week! Sanchez, Augero and the unbeatable Tom Heaton all combine to give the first good week in what seems like an eternity. It looked even better after gambling on Sanchez as captain in the early kick off, scoring 26 points early doors (more than some of my week totals..). However Sergio dampened the mood, as the popular captain choice eradicated any of my Sanchez gains, with a total score of 16, but points is points! A late Firmino goal helped justify the 4 point hit to get him in and a Ashley Williams clean sheet wrapped up the solid week I’ve been craving.

Elsewhere Duncan Watmore’s majestic run won Sunderland the chance to deprive all those Arsenal defender’s points and Zlatan continues to do everything but score.


Valencia and Monreal’s late admission was a bug bear, with very little to come off the bench. Benteke and Son extend their run of blanks and Rashford once again gets no reward in a poor united team. The latter three all having a few weeks left to prove their worth.

Elsewhere the resurgent Eden Hazard continues to rub it in my face after getting rid too early and Costa’s goal fest continues. Coutinho plunders more points, pushing the case for doubling up on Liverpool midfielders for their upcoming fixtures. City finally keep a clean sheet and Gundogan becomes fantasy hot property overnight. All contribute to most people having a slightly better week than me. But thanks to my diabolical form I gained places in most of my leagues! Silver linings and all that.


Valencia’s injury rather forced my hand, replacing the Ecuadorian with the defender/winger Marcos Alonso. He’s got very little ownership (around 0.8%) and is thriving in Conte’s new system. He also provides a little Chelsea cover, although covering Hazard and Costa may require some more investment. After Monday’s game I felt a little restless and violated my golden rule of not wasting points on transfers , removing team mascot Feghouli for the red hot Joe Allen. Stokes fixtures combined with Allen’s luscious locks make him the man to take my team to greatness.


Fixtures don’t look great for the upcoming game week, minus Sergio who will no doubt be everyone’s captain this week. Heaton goes up against Palace, were he can hopefully extend his ability to morph into a bus. Alonso and Williams face of against each other, so hoping for a glorious 0-0, and Monreal,if fit, will face a faltering spurs. I’d take a one clean sheet from those 4 and a few save points from Big Bus Tom – PREDICTION: 14 Points

Firmino will face a stubborn Watford defense, Sanchez and Son face each other in what’s hopefully one of those north London derbys that end 5-4; and Allen makes his debut for Gold Standard Liege against a leaky West Ham defense. There’s points in there somewhere – PREDICTION: 20 Points

Benteke goes to Burnley and Rashford will play Bob Bradley’s struggling swans, so not expected tonnes of points from these two. If one of them doesn’t blank i’d be happy. Augero will be captain and will surely have enough to get through that rugged Boro defense – PREDICTION: 20

So that’s a rather conservative 54 Points. But after the previous few weeks I’m just happy to get out the 20’s..

Pray for Points.


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