Some say Fantasy Football is just a game.. We strongly disagree.

Fantasy Football, Gold Standard Liege

Gold Standard Leige – Never use a wildcard in anger..

26 OCTOBER 2016 on Fantasy Football, Gold Standard Leige, Gameweek 8

After a solid start to the season, all it took was one bad week and an Augero suspension to compel me to press the panic button and use my wildcard in GW3.. what followed has been nothing less that utterly demoralising. The FPL gods have severely punished me for my inpatience, suffering 4 consecutive poor showings leaving me 100+ points off the the top in multiple leagues that I’ve committed money to..Even so, I’m an addict, I’m not one of those players who see a season going South and sack it off, I painfully try and mastermind a glorious comeback full of well informed differentials and logical choices. But it just hasn’t happened, every week I’m full of optimism that it can’t get any worse and it inevitably does. My decision to wait another week to get Liverpool cover to focus on Arsenal’s kind fixtures wielded nothing. Hazard too expensive to carry? he was two weeks ago.. Son is a no brainer! Benched and blanks in 2.. Benteke a good shout, win 4-1 no points, misses pens, hits the woodwork, shots cleared off the line.. Rashford, cheap and cheerful and playing for a potential title challenger.. now basically playing RB after Jose decides 150M+ worth of attacking talent can’t outclass their rivals.. Late on the Capoue bandwagon.. Everton decide they can’t keep clean sheets anymore.. Feghouli, the mascot of my team, hemorrhages value as Bilic resist the urge to turn to the woefully undervalued midfielder to save West Ham’s terrible form.As others romp away with Costa smashing in the points, but one yellow off a suspension.. Coutinho/Firminio/Lallana/Mane continue to punish my inability to choose the right Liverpool cover.. Unlikely defenders keep racking up points.. No team in the prem can keep it together for more than 4 games, one minute United look the team to go for, the next it’s city, then Arsenal, Chelsea now? I’m sure who ever I’ll bring in will manage to score an underwhelming 2 points or better yet, miss a pen..In essence, it’s been a particularly frustrating season so far. But as with every other week, I’m full of optimism that it can’t get any worse, Sanchez and Walcott v Sunderland, Valencia and Rashford v Burnley.. that has to equal points, doesn’t it?? As the players with their auto picked squads, with Balotelli upfront and John Terry as captain creep up on me, my luck has to turn eventually.Either way, I still have faith in my logically chosen team, I’ll have 2 transfers to sort out a bad GW10 anyway. You can sense the desperate need to stay positive, I’ve not taken the nuclear option and stuck big John Walters as captain just yet. There is still hope!

Pray for points,


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